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Crawley residents reaction to Tories leader refusing to debate with Corbyn



Tonight there is another debate on our TV’s.

The BBC’s Question Time tonight will feature both Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May but according to reports not in a head to head as apparently Mrs May will not engage in a debate with Labour.

There has been much banter over the last few days surrounding the Tory leaders refusal to engage in a true hustings but what do residents here make of it all?

We hit the streets to find out.

“It doesn’t really affect me, i already know who I am going to vote for as I have for the past ten years.  What i want to see is more action here rather than words.” S.Morton, Ifield

“What is she (Theresa May) worried about?  Always followed Labour but started to sway towards the Conservatives.  But now I just keep thinking if she’s not as strong as we thought she was then i’m sticking with Labour.” B. Lewis, Three Bridges

“I don’t understand why she won’t just take part?  But what annoys me more is the attacking she is getting from everyone.  To me it feels more like that’s the only way they think they can win as their policies just don’t add up.” G. Locklin, Manor Royal

“It’s obvious isn’t it?  They don’t know what they are doing? At least with Corbyn we have someone who understands us.” L. Thurrock, Maidenbower

“I’m not going to vote because no-one is saying anything that makes any sense to me.  I very much doubt I will watch it.” C. Henderson, Bewbush

“I’m more interested in what they are going to do than hearing them debate between themselves.  What she does or doesn’t do is not influencing my decision.” J.Harper, Broadfield


Labour Candidate Tim Lunnon commented on the reactions:

“Theresa May and the Conservatives have tried to make this election about personalities rather than policies but they’re unwilling to have a face to face debate.   They know we have the better policies, and if she is not willing to go face to face then how can she have discussions with the leaders of the european union?”

Lib Dem Candidate Marko Scepanovic said:

“Theresa may called this election and is it all supposed to be about Brexit yet she is the one talking about it the least.  We are meant t be a democracy where our leaders and their policies are held to account but we know as little about her policies towards Brexit as we did before the start of the campaigns.”

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Exact money or contactless ONLY says Metrobus



Metrobus passengers are urged to pay by mobile phone or contactless instead of cash when they board.

Metrobus has announced its drivers will not be able to give out change to those paying by cash from Wednesday 15 April. 

The decision has been made to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. 

A spokesperson for Metrobus said:

“The bus company would like everybody to pay using the correct money or – better still – to use contactless or mobile phones instead.”

The decision comes as a new timetable is introduced this weekend.

The revised timetable, which was produced in consultation with local councils, continues to honour Metrobus’ commitment to maintaining journeys for key workers, particularly on bus routes serving hospitals. 

Metrobus has also retimed Monday to Friday journeys on route 430 so buses arrive earlier at East Surrey Hospital, after feedback from NHS staff.

Here are the main timetable changes:

•             Route 1 – a revised timetable will be introduced on this service.

•             Route 3 – a revised timetable will be introduced for Sundays – with the 1812 and 2026 departures from Crawley withdrawn and the 2024 departure from Gatwick withdrawn. Further changes to the previous revised timetable for Monday to Saturdays.

•             Route 11 – will not operate.

•             Routes 51, 61 and 65 – will no longer operate on Saturdays. Revised timetables will be introduced for Monday to Fridays.

•             Route 93 and 98 – further changes will occur on these services.

•             Fastway 100 and Route 200 – revised timetables will be introduced on these services.

•             Route 420 and 460 – revised timetables will be introduced on these services.

•             Route 430  – first journey Mondays to Fridays has been retimed to arrive earlier at East Surrey Hospital. No other changes.

•             Route 480 – will operate on Saturday and Sundays only. The Monday to Friday service will not operate.

•             Route 820 – will not operate.

You can find all the detailed, most up-to-date timetable information here.

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