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Crawley ranked 5th highest in whole country for excellent food hygiene standards

Crawley residents can dine out in comfort after the Food Standards Agency, ranked Crawley second in the South East and fifth in the country for excellent food hygiene standards.



In a recent report released by the Food Standards Agency, Crawley was awarded a score of 4.70 out of five.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) is upheld by Environmental Health Officers from the council who undertake regular inspections to ensure businesses comply with food safety regulations.

It exists to give customers a general idea of how well a premises upholds food hygiene standards. Ratings range from zero (urgent improvement needed) to five (very good).

Three criteria’s are used when awarding a food hygiene rating:

  • Hygienic food handling – The preparation and cooking of food, how it is reheated/cooled and stored
  • Physical condition of the premises and facilities – whether the premises has an appropriate layout, adequate lighting, a high standard of cleanliness and suitable ventilation and pest control
  • Food safety management – evidence that the business is taking precautions to keep food safe, such as staff training records and logs of relevant checks.

Cabinet member for Environmental Services and Sustainability, Councillor Geraint Thomas, said:

“I am delighted at the findings of this report. Our Environmental Health Officer work diligently to ensure that all food premises in Crawley are held to high standards of health and safety and it is great to see their hard work recognised.”

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Crawley teacher wins Sussex teacher of the year award

It’s been an outstanding few weeks for Hannah Joyner a Learning Mentor at Thomas Bennett Community College who has been awarded Wellbeing Champion of the Year at the Sussex Teacher of the Year awards ceremony.



Working closely with students at the school Hannah offers outstanding pastoral support and always goes the extra mile. 

The heartfelt nomination was written by a student who said:

“She makes the school a better place where we feel like there is someone supporting us all the way”.

It’s clear to see that Miss Joyner loves her job and says “The students at the school are outstanding young people who are a pleasure to work with.  Hearing such wonderful words from a student validates why I enjoy what I do”.

Offering students excellent pastoral care and ensuring they feel supported at school is so important.  The students at Thomas Bennett Community College are obviously appreciative of the wonderful work the school do and this is so lovely to hear.

Headteacher Stuart Smith said:

“The whole school community are very proud of Miss Joyner for winning the Wellbeing Champion award and for making such an important contribution to the lives of our students.”

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