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Crawley primary school children surprise their teachers with video they’ve made during lockdown



Two weeks ago the teachers and staff at Three Bridges Primary School created a hilarious video for their pupils.

They wanted to give them all something entertaining and to show them how much they were being missed.

As a surprise and in response to the teachers video, the children have created something for them back.

Proud Headteacher Trudy Emberson said:

“We were all totally surprised when we received this video today from the children!  They have been very busy at home!  We are all absolutely thrilled to see our children looking so active, happy and positive.  It’s great to know that they miss us and can’t wait to get back to school too.”


Parents demand a choice on whether to send children back to school



Over 300,000 people have signed a petition by parents campaigning to be given a choice on whether or not to send kids back to school if schools reopen in June. 

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans for reopening schools in Sunday’s speech. He said schools may begin to return from the earliest of June 1st – starting with those in reception.

Lucy Browne who started the petition on said:

“Many of us have lost confidence in the Government’s handling of this crisis and feel it is too early to return children to schools. As a mum I don’t want to face serious repercussions for making a choice I feel affects the safety of my daughter during a global pandemic.” 

Lucy’s daughter is at primary school in London and would be one of the first to return.

Deborah Mawer who signed the petition said:

“I have a child with asthma and asthma myself and would not feel safe sending them out to potentially then have us both very very ill.”

Teaching staff are also raising concerns over the government’s plans. Michelle Forster who signed the petition wrote:

“I am a teacher and believe that we cannot return to school safely as we do not have the correct equipment, space or resources to manage the pupils and ensure social distancing measures and PPE. Returning to school before it is safe puts thousands of pupils, families and staff at risk.”

The petition has over 300,000 and has been the fastest growing petition on UK since the Prime Minister’s speech on the 10th May. Lucy’s petition can be found at

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