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Crawley Police warn against distraction burglaries after burglary in Langley Green

In a stark warning to residents Crawley Police have posted a reminder of recent crimes in the area.



Using their social media account @crawley_police the towns local officers have released information about a distraction burglary that took place in the town.

On the 15th May a suspect knocked on the door of a resident in Langley Green claiming to be from the Water Board.

The resident was told their stop cock needed to be checked and was let into the property.

Once inside however the resident was distracted with the ‘so called’ checks and only after the suspect had left did they realise that valuables had disappeared.

It was later confirmed by the Water Board that no works were taking place in the area.

Crawley Police have provided a link to their ‘Little Book of Scams’ to help advise residents of the tricks. You can view this here.


DON’T FORGET: From 1st Dec you must show ID when visiting Crawley’s Household Recycling site

Residents are being reminded that they will need to take ID with them when they visit a West Sussex Household Waste Recycling Site (HWRS) from 1 December 2019.



The new system is designed to save West Sussex taxpayers £250,000 per year by ensuring the sites are only used by those who pay for them.

Householders will need to prove they live within West Sussex by showing a form of ID such as a drivers licence or council tax bill.

The scheme has been introduced due to the high number of people travelling across county boundaries to recycle and dispose of their waste. This has a significant impact on waste disposal costs which ultimately fall to the West Sussex taxpayer.

Surveys have shown that an average of one in ten people using HWRSs closest to the county borders live outside of West Sussex.

At East Grinstead, this can increase to as many as one in five people. 

In response to this residents in certain areas of Surrey will be able to continue using the East Grinstead Household Waste Recycling Site, following an agreement between Surrey and West Sussex County Councils.

The councils have agreed a settlement which means Surrey residents living in the following postcodes – RH7 6, RH10 3, RH19 2, RH19 3, TN8 7, TN8 5 and TN8 6 – who find it easier to use the East Grinstead site, will still be able to do so.

All other sites in West Sussex will be restricted to West Sussex residents only from 1 December.

The new policy will be enforced through identification checks at HWRSs entrances to confirm that the site visitor pays their council tax to West Sussex County Council. 

People will need to show only one form of identification, such as:

• Current driving licence (photo card or paper licence)
• TV licence – less than a year old
• Council tax or utility bill – less than a year old

Further details about the changes can be found when visiting HWRSs and online at and

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