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Crawley Parkour opens new gym ‘Traversal’ after winning investment



Crawley Parkour which recently won investment of £5,000 from the Aviva Community Fund was celebrating on Saturday (10th Feb) as they opened their brand new gym ‘Traversal’.

With the Crawley Mayor in attendance and plenty of people turning up to try out the new classes the afternoon was a roaring success.

Head Coach and Executive Director Drew Ratcliff said:

“Our classes had become so popular that we we’re finding it hard to fit around hall availability and really hard to coach in wet weather conditions.

Our goal is to try and encourage a healthy lifestyle, and offer alternatives to competitive sports like gymnastics and let people have a creative outlet which they can pursue at their own pace.

Traversal is our new warehouse facility.  We’ve spent the past two years trying to open a place of our own, struggled to find a place based in Crawley that was under £50,000. The higher the cost of the warehouse, the higher we’d have to raise the prices, which would have been entirely unacceptable because it would reduce accessibility to the sport.

We’ve now taken over the old furni-aid building, which is a fantastic space that will let us expand what we can teach.

We’re building custom made parkour structures from a local carpenter, who has done a fantastic job making some super stuff so far (nafisi furniture) and with the help of local Arial School Caw Fitness, we’ve managed to get enough heads together to really make this project take flight.

We plan on offering parkour classes, fitness classes, strength and conditioning classes, obstacle course racing classes and many more things in the near future.”

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