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Henry Smith

Crawley MP welcomes almost £800k investment tackling potholes

Henry Smith MP has welcomed the new funding commitment from the Government to improve the condition of roads across the country – £771,759 will be provided to tackle pot holes in West Sussex.



This funding has been announced by the Department for Transport as part of a £200 million investment, including £50 million that will be provided directly to councils to address winter damage and flood resilience, as well as £151 million to reward examples of councils’ best practice – helping councils to invest in innovative technology that will improve the conditions of our roads.

Henry said;

“This new funding to tackle potholes and improve the condition of our roads is great news for businesses and people in Crawley who rely on the highway to get to work as well as to visit friends and family.

“This continued focus on improving transport infrastructure across the country will help boost the local economy and helping hard-working people in Crawley.”

This funding has been allocated to councils across the country, including in West Sussex, and is part of the £6.6 billion the Government is providing in the six years to 2021 to improve the state of roads across the country.

The Government are investing in our roads on an unprecedented scale, providing the biggest ever single cash injection to improve England’s roads, investing £29 billion to boost the local economy and help businesses and families reach their destination faster.

Henry Smith

Henry Smith MP: Marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings

In his article this week Crawley MP Henry Smith remembers D-Day.



In the days ahead, the eyes of the western world will be on Portsmouth and Normandy, as we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings on 6th June 1944 to liberate north west Europe from German occupation.

This was an international effort, with Allied forces consisting primarily of American, British and Canadian troops. The international focus on remembrance is therefore not only appropriate, but right.

There are also thoughts and thanks to be given closer to home. I have enjoyed reading about Eric Strange, now 95, who is from Crawley and served as a Sub Lieutenant in the Navy, sailing from Portsmouth on D-Day.

The importance of remembering what has been given for our freedom is not lost on me. The Palace of Westminster was bombed during the Second World War, and the arch leading to the House of Commons chamber was rebuilt at Churchill’s suggestion, from the original bomb-scarred stone.

This continues to offer a reminder to myself and other MPs, and indeed to a whole range of visitors to Parliament, of the impact of war and the strength of those who emerged victorious.

On Thursday 6th June I will take a moment to think of Eric and his comrades who were prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice; without whom the freedoms and democracy we enjoy today would not exist.

Henry Smith MP

Crawley Constituency

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