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Crawley MP welcomes £1.3 Billion increase in local council funding

Henry Smith MP has welcomed the news that councils will receive a real terms increase in funding for vital local services.



Henry Smith MP has welcomed the news that councils will receive a real terms increase in funding for vital local services. The provisional Local Government Finance Settlement gives councils a real terms increase in core spending power for 2019-20 – up from £45.1 billion to £46.4 billion. This brings the level of local government funding to more than £200 billion in the five years to 2020.

The £1.3 billion funding boost allows councils like West Sussex County Council to deliver the services residents need while protecting them from unfair hikes in their council tax bills.

This increase follows significant Government investment in local services announced at last year’s Budget. The Government is giving councils £650 million for social care next year – building on the £240 million announced to relieve winter pressures on the NHS, £420 million to tackle potholes and £84 million more for children’s social care.

The Government is supporting opportunity for communities by increasing business rates retention to 75 per cent from 2020. This gives West Sussex County Council even more incentive to work towards local economic growth so more of the revenue raised locally is kept locally, to be spent on services for hard-working people.

Henry said;

“I’m delighted the Government is delivering a settlement which paves the way for a fairer, more self-sufficient and resilient future for local government and a brighter future for the people and places they serve.

“This settlement delivers a real terms increase in spending for local authorities in 2019 to 2020 and gives them more control over the money they raise too, while protecting residents against excessive council tax rises.

“I’ve been working alongside other county MPs, as well as the leadership of West Sussex County Council, to ensure greater retention of business rates (rather than this local corporate tax going centrally to HM Treasury as it does now); a cause I’ve raised with the Secretary of State for Local Government and in the House of Commons.

“Last month’s settlement confirmed our work had paid off, with West Sussex being included in the Government’s pilot programme of 75 per cent business rates retention in 2019-20. “The existing business rates retention scheme taking place around the country is already yielding strong results, with councils estimating that in 2018-19 they will keep around £2.4 billion in business rates growth.”


Crawley car park wins safety award



Orchard Street multi-storey car park has been awarded the Park Mark from the British Parking Association.

The distinctive Park Mark signage is beneficial to drivers when they are looking for a safe place to park their car confidently. Park Mark helps you tell the difference.

To achieve the award, the car park undergoes a rigorous assessment by specially trained police assessors to ensure the high standard of the car park. Now Orchard Street has received this award, they have regular management practices and security measures assessed to actively reduce crime. Park Mark car parks look safer, feel safer and they are safer!

Orchard Street car park is secure, with high-quality CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR) installed as well as regular Civil Enforcement Officer patrols. Not only is the car park secure, they work hard to protect the environment by using refurbished, low-energy lighting.

The car park is now open 24 hours, so if you need to leave your car in a safe place for the evening, Orchard Street is in the perfect location. It also provides easy access to Crawley Station, Crawley Hospital and the town centre.

Season tickets are available for residents and businesses with little or no parking facilities and for those working in the town centre. Disabled parking is free with a blue badge.

Councillor Gurinder Jhans said:

“Orchard Street Car Park being awarded the Park Mark is a vote of confidence that shows it is a safe and stress-free place for people to park their vehicles.

“Whatever reason you are visiting the town centre, you can rest assure that this is a car park that can be trusted.”

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