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Henry Smith

Crawley MP uses historical quote to dig at Speaker as emergency Brexit debate is considered



Brexit fever is not going away anytime soon, well unless the country actually does leave on the 31st, but even then the hype, debates, arguments and worry over what is actually going to happen will doubtless rage on for many months.

So it comes as no surprise that an Emergency Debate over Brexit has been requested in the House Of Commons.

Now Crawley’s own MP has been rather vocal in his thoughts over whether the Speaker of House John Bercow will allow this debate to go ahead.

Paraphrasing the historic quote from Sir Gerald Templer Mr Smith tweeted:

But with all eyes on parliament today (and for the next few weeks) it will be a fascinating series of events that could determine where the country is headed in the coming weeks.

Crawley voted in favour of leaving the EU in the referendum two years ago and with a new Brexit party candidate now on the scene it will make for a fascinating election if one was to take place.

Henry Smith

Henry Smith MP: Getting Brexit done, supporting schools and backing our NHS

In his article this week Henry Smith MP talks Brexit, education and health.



I often receive messages from Crawley residents – those who voted Leave, and those who voted Remain – who tell me that we need to end the Brexit uncertainty and leave the European Union without delay.

The likes of Jeremy Corbyn, and other leftist party leaders such as Jo Swinson and Nicola Sturgeon, seek to prolong the uncertainty, by delaying or even stopping Brexit, which would cost the UK roughly £1 billion a month net in EU membership.

Their Surrender Bill seeks to require the Prime Minister to ‘immediately’ accept any Brexit delay sought by the EU, irrespective of conditions that may be imposed.

As Parliament is blocking the Prime Minister’s promise to the nation to take Britain out by 31st October, the only solution is a general election – which is also being blocked by the opposition out of fear of what the people will say.

While they seek to overturn the will of the people, this week in Parliament I joined the Prime Minister in the House of Commons division lobby to vote for an early election to get Brexit done.

Last week I also questioned the Education Secretary about the increase to school funding, and asked the Health & Social Care Secretary about innovative genomic medicine which will benefit cancer patients in the decade ahead.

I additionally raised the importance of ensuring that the extra cash for frontline NHS services results in enhanced GP provision and reduced waiting times.

As well as this, I led and secured a parliamentary debate calling for greater involvement of patients in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.

There is huge potential for AI to transform the lives of those living with heart and circulatory diseases, including some 11,000 people in Crawley. It is vital that those affected are included fully in discussions about the development and adoption of these new technologies.

Henry Smith MP

Crawley Constituency

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