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Henry Smith

Crawley MP calls on County Leader to ‘re-think’ cuts to Housing Related Support

Henry Smith MP says the ‘proposal to now end grant funding to this charity is a false economy’.



Crawley Open House, Stephenson Way, Crawley.

Last week West Sussex County Council published its Forward Plan where it recommended ceasing funding to the Crawley-located Open House homeless centre.

This led to outrage in the local area, as the support for Crawley Open House came flooding in.

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A petition started by the Leader of Crawley Borough Council, Peter Lamb, has now received over 5,200 signatures as residents fight to save the twenty-four bed hostel for Crawley and West Sussex’s homeless.

The cuts would mean Crawley Open House losing a contract worth around £250,000, but West Sussex County Council say: “We simply do not have the money to continue delivering the services we currently deliver in the same way”.

Now, Crawley MP Henry Smith has spoken out in support of Crawley Open House. He has called on the Leader of West Sussex County Council, Louise Goldsmith, to ‘re-think’ the cuts, labelling their proposal as a ‘false economy’.

Crawley MP Henry Smith.

In response Crawley MP, Henry Smith, said:

“Crawley Open House is one of a kind with a fine history in providing help and support to homeless people from the local area in addition to those arriving from elsewhere looking for work.

“Whilst not the local housing authority – that is Crawley Borough Council’s responsibility – I’m grateful for the years of discretionary funding that West Sussex County Council has provided Open House. I recognise they need to ensure efficient spending on behalf of local taxpayers but I think their proposal to now end grant funding to this charity is a false economy.

“Last week I called the County Leader, Louise Goldsmith, to re-think this suggested budget reduction.

“In Parliament this week I’ve called on the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government to allocate part of the Government’s new £100 million rough sleeping reduction initiative funding to support Open House and the effort to tackle homelessness more generally in Crawley.”

Henry Smith’s letter dated 31 August 2018, to the Leader of West Sussex County Council, Louise Goldsmith.

Henry Smith

Henry Smith MP: The next Prime Minister

In his weekly article, Crawley MP Henry Smith talks about who he is supporting to be the next Prime Minister.



Every time the British people have been asked for a view on Brexit, their position has been clear.

The 2016 referendum result delivered the largest vote in British history to leave the EU, the 2017 general election saw 589 MPs elected to Parliament on promises to deliver Brexit, with these positions only being reinforced by the results of the European Parliament elections last month.

With this in mind I am supporting Boris Johnson to be the next Leader of the Conservative Party and UK Prime Minister, as he will deliver the people’s decision on Brexit without further delay.

I believe we will leave with a deal that is good for the future of the UK as well as our EU partners, and this is what I will continue to support in Parliament.

Of course, there also has to be a focus on policy beyond Britain’s departure from the EU. An important example is Boris Johnson’s pledge that he will ensure all secondary schools in England will spend at least £5,000 per pupil.

In addition, he is speaking to people’s aspiration for our country’s future prosperity, an enhanced environment and British global confidence. This is why I am supporting Boris Johnson to be the next Prime Minister of our nation.

Henry Smith MP

Crawley Constituency

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