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Henry Smith

Crawley MP asks Prime Minister to confirm if she will rule out a delay of Brexit

In Prime Ministers Questions yesterday, Henry Smith MP took a stand and asked Theresa May to clarify the governments position.



Taking a dig at the recent overheard conversation within a bar from a the PM’s chief negotiator, Crawley MP Henry Smith yesterday in PMQ’s asked the PM to confirm her position over and planned request for a delay on Brexit.

Mr Smith said:

“Not withstanding Brussels bar room chatter, will the Prime Minister rule out a delay of Brexit beyond March 29th?”

He then went on to also ask:

“Will she also rule out a future customs union arrangement which would prevent us doing those global trade deals which the Bank of England governor says is a potential golden age of trade?”

It was a very direct series of questions considering how explosive the ‘overheard’ comments had been across the media.

The Prime Minister responded saying:

“The governments been very clear that we want to have that independent trade policy.

I’m grateful that he asked me that question rather than relying on what someone said to someone else as overheard by someone else in a bar.

It’s very clear, the governments position is the same, we triggered article 50, in-fact this house voted to trigger Article 50, that had a 2 year timeline, that ends on the 29th March, we want to end with a deal and that’s what we are working for.”

Henry Smith

Crawley MP congratulates Boris Johnson on becoming the next Prime Minister

It has been a hard fought battle within the Conservative party but after weeks of debates the result was finally announced.



As the UK readies itself following the announcement that Boris Johnson is to become the next Prime Minister, Crawley’s own MP Henry Smith has already publically congratulated him.

Speaking to Crawley News 24 Mr Smith said:

“I congratulate Boris Johnson MP on being elected Conservative Party Leader.

Time now to get delivered the democratic decision for Brexit – and beyong, increasing police numbers, school funding, environmental protections and a lower tax burden.”

And it seems the heatwave has also brought about more than just good weather with flags of all the counties on display in Parliament Square as Mr Smith showed through a tweet just before the results were announced.

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