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Crawley Mayor attends Southgate Primary leavers show at Cineworld

An end of year project completed by leavers of Southgate Primary culminated in a visit to Cineworld to watch the premiere of their very own movie, and a visit from the Mayor.



As the school year comes to an end, many Year 6 groups across the country will be performing their leavers shows and assemblies. But one school in Crawley is doing things a little differently.

The Year 6 children at Southgate Primary have been hard at work; creating a short film, around 40 minutes long, based on “The Greatest Showman”.

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Year 6 pupil Jack Watson took on Hugh Jackman’s role as showman, ‘Phineas Taylor Barnum’ while Emily Race played Zendaya’s, ‘Anne Wheeler’ and Rhys Furber kindly took over from Zac Efron as ‘Phillip Carlyle’.

The screening for the Year 6 film, aptly titled “The Greatest Yeargroup”, was attended by Crawley Mayor Carlos Castro.

Crawley Mayor Carlos Castro with Year 6 teacher, Chris McGivern and some of the Year 6 Southgate Primary students.

Speaking to CN24 yesterday (16 July), Mayor Castro said:

“Everything that I try to do, for me, kids come first. So, as busy as the Mayor role can be, I try to do everything in my power to try and be involved. Because if they don’t get this sort of community sense in the early ages, when will they get it?

“We need the community to stick together and obviously, the younger the better to get more involved [in the community], so hopefully, wherever they may go, they will continue to make a positive influence in the world.”

The movie displayed a highly positive message. It teaches the viewer to always persevere: to remain positive in times of hardship, and to pursue dreams.

The message is one that Year 6 teacher, Chris McGivern hopes will stay engrained in the students:

“It’s been an absolutely amazing ride at school: many highs, many lows. But it was great to bring them all together in this way with such a powerful film that they all know well, with a beautiful message.

“We quite enjoyed taking that message and just making it our own to explain the children’s journey through school and to come out the other side much stronger and happier.”

Left to right: Rhys Furber, Mayor Carlos Castro, Jack Watson as “The Showman”, Chris McGivern and Emily Race.

Before the film was shown to the Cineworld screening room full of parents bursting with pride, Year 6 teacher, and organiser of the project, Chris McGivern and the Mayor of Crawley said a few words.

The Mayor’s speech was in keeping with the theme of the show: chasing dreams, facing challenges head on and never giving up.

Mayor Carlos Castro speaking before the movie and Chris McGivern (right).

He said:

“You guys made it through [primary school] so congratulations. You’ve never given up and that’s really the key there. You find challenges in pretty much anything that you will put your mind to. And the trick is never give up, when you have a dream, chase them and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, do what I do – don’t listen to them, because otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here.”

After sitting and watching the premiere for their own movie, the kids were off to Hollywood Bowl next door. The second part of their treat was there waiting for them.

Crawley Mayor Carlos Castro with Southgate Primary’s Jack Watson.

The day was surely an experience none of the students will forget in a hurry. And this achievement will inspire them to pursue their dreams as they take the next step in their school lives.

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Crawley pupils told they can either accept, use mock grades or take exam when results are announced this week



West Sussex pupils will receive their A/AS Level and GCSE grades over the next week in very different circumstances this year.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic denied students the chance to sit any of their final exams. They will instead be given calculated grades based on an assessment of a range of their work.

The Department for Education yesterday announced that pupils will be given the option to accept their calculated grade, appeal to receive their mock results if higher, or sit an optional autumn written exam.

Many will be celebrating getting what they need to further their education or training and others will be getting ready to enter employment. As ever there will be those who didn’t get the grades needed or are unsure about what to do next – and for these young people help is available to them from the careers advice service run by West Sussex County Council.

Tania Corn is one of the council’s careers advisors on hand to offer guidance.

Tania said:

“If you receive your results and they’re not what you were expecting or you’re unsure what to do next, it can all feel a bit scary or overwhelming. It’s good to talk things through to see what direction to go in.

“Please do call or email the careers team. You’ll be able to register and receive one-to-one support from one of our advisors. They’ll be able to discuss your situation and help you consider your options.”

A/AS Level results day takes place on 13 August 2020 with GSCE results day a week later on 20 August.

The DfE has announced that it won’t publish results from English schools as normal later this year, including results from primary schools, and confirmed that 2020 grades won’t count in measuring a school’s performance.

Nigel Jupp, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said:

“The pandemic has been tough on so many and for young people aged 16 to 18, it has come at a crucial time in their education.

“Much hard work will have gone into preparing to sit final exams, so I thank these young people for being so adaptable, and their schools for supporting them so well. They have even been denied the tradition of going into school to collect results and say goodbye to teachers and classmates.

“These young people have shown remarkable resilience which will stand them in good stead for the future. I cannot thank them, and their teachers enough for all their hard work and flexibility during what has been such a disruptive time.

“I hope that those in need of some guidance get in touch with our careers advisors, who are there to help them.”

You can contact the careers team by calling 0330 222 2700 or email

More information is available on our BacktoSchool webpages

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