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Crawley Lib Dem Candidate responds to Donald Trump’s climate change actions



While the world is responding in shock at Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, here in Crawley there is a similar reaction.

Speaking out following the decision by the American President, Liberal Democrat candidate Marko Scepanovic said:

“Whilst I’m not surprised that Trump has withdrawn from the Accord, I am disappointed by Theresa May’s reaction. Germany, France and Italy, as part of the G7, all penned a letter condemning the decision. French President Emmanual Macron hosted a press conference. All Theresa May did was keep journalists and the public waiting in what turned out to be a weak and wobbly response. If we are meant to have a special relationship with the USA, then we should be able to tell them when they’ve made a wrong decision.”

“Theresa May’s response shows that she will continue to drive down the UK’s status internationally. Our foreign policy is fast becoming a farce. We have a duty to protect the environment; it is the poorest in the UK that will be hit hardest by climate change.”

“Only the Liberal Democrats will stand up for the environment. While Theresa May plots to bring back fox hunting, we will create 35,000 new jobs in Wales through the creation of tidal lagoons, we will drive down energy costs with more competition in the energy market through sustainable energy projects, and revolutionise the energy sector to make it, and the UK, world leaders in generating renewable energy.”

“The Liberal Democrats will make the UK green again.”

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Crawley count well underway

Anxious wait on the results



The count of the votes on wards up for election has begun this morning.

Turnout figures are not yet known with some wards reporting a decent turnout which could have been attributed to the weather.

The reality of how close this count will be is very evident on the faces of the candidates.

Lots of hushed conversations taking place and anxious eyes trying to work out how many votes they may have got.

See the results as they come through here.

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