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Crawley labour officer blows lid on meetings with claims of “boozing” and “sexism”



A local Crawley Labour officer has made a public stand on what she has entitled, “Booze, Boys, and Sexism in Crawley Labour”.

Nona Buckley-Irvine is a women’s officer with Crawley Labour.

Writing on her online blog at Nona very publicly describes the Labour meetings at the Labour supporters club as an atmosphere of a “working men’s club”.

The Crawley officer goes on to describe an alcohol induced environment that is very uncomfortable.

But it is when Nona goes on to describe what happened when she tried to address the alcohol issue directly with her colleagues that makes for even more uncomfortable reading.

“At the Executive Committee meeting, male members arrived armed with more pints than usual – evidently an attempt to intimidate and make a point. A councillor of notable seniority leaned over the table towards me, pointing in my face, and shouting that I was trying to ruin his experience as a volunteer, that I was trying to undermine the local Labour party.” Nona writes.

The blog continues with descriptions of councillors verbally attacking Nona over the issue and even numerous councillors ignoring calls for extending the meeting and just walking out.

Nona describes the experience, “I became the figurehead for toxic attitudes from members who have been there for years”

Nona says she wrote the piece to highlight misogyny at a local level but also in an attempt to get the local party to change.

CN24 got in touch with Labour leader Peter Lamb for comment who said:

“I was present at the meetings referred to in the blog.

It’s fair to say they were uncharacteristically heated and, while I would disagree with a number of assertions made in the post, I can understand why the author felt hurt and I’m sorry about that.

We’re an inclusive party and various steps have been taken since early June to avoid a future meeting playing out the same way.”

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  2. Jim Thistle

    17th November 2017 at 6:52 am

    This is extremely worrying. These councillors are meant to represent the people of Crawley. They are not fit to if they act in this way. All those involved should be named and suspended, pending investigation.

  3. Jim Thistle

    17th November 2017 at 9:19 am

    Councillors bullying a young woman? Sounds like the councillors and council leader should be held to account and removed from their positions

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