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Crawley is voting in Council elections

A close run race is on the cards a Crawley voters make their way to the polls.



Crawley polls are busy as voters head off to place their votes.

In what is a very close race it only takes two seat changes to upset the current Labour majority and change the council to a conservative led one.

Whilst there are other parties up for election there is really only once race in the town between the Conservatives and Labour.

Both parties have been pushing hard the past few weeks with support from senior politicians from both parties.

Labour brought an MEP over: Labour MEP visits Crawley as thoughts turn to local elections

While the Conservatives invited Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to meet residents: Jeremy Hunt makes a surprise visit to Crawley

In addition senior local politicians have also been making cases for voting for them.

Current leader of the council, Labours Peter Lamb wrote in his weekly article for CN24: Peter Lamb: Who is really at fault for the problems with parking in Crawley?

And Crawley MP Henry Smith responded hard early today: Henry Smith MP: ‘When it comes to parking & litter Labour have really dropped the ball’

If you want a full list of who the candidates are you can vote for today then click here.



Crawley count well underway

Anxious wait on the results



The count of the votes on wards up for election has begun this morning.

Turnout figures are not yet known with some wards reporting a decent turnout which could have been attributed to the weather.

The reality of how close this count will be is very evident on the faces of the candidates.

Lots of hushed conversations taking place and anxious eyes trying to work out how many votes they may have got.

See the results as they come through here.

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