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Crawley is the third worst place in UK to be single research reveals

Valentines day is either a fun way to express love or for some a day to be avoided at all costs for those who are single.



Now research conducted by I Saw It First has revealed the top 10 best and worst places in the UK to be single, and unfortunately for would-be Romeos and Juliets Crawley has not done well.

The research analysed the country’s biggest towns and cities (with a population of over 100,000) on several factors to determine which are the best for singletons.

The ranking factors that were used to determine the places were:

  • % of single people living in the city/town
  • Cost of two cinema tickets
  • Cost of a three-course meal
  • Cost of a pint of beer
  • Median salary
  • Rent as a percentage of earnings

Using these factors the top 10 places to be single were:

  1. Oxford
  2. Liverpool
  3. Manchester
  4. Cardiff
  5. Norwich
  6. Nottingham
  7. Glasgow
  8. Reading
  9. Dundee
  10. Kingston upon Hull

When out and about it can sometimes feel like everyone is in a relationship, however, these cities are the ones with the most single people, which gives you a better chance of finding someone.

  1. Manchester – 70.6%
  2. Glasgow – 69%
  3. Nottingham – 68.4%
  4. Brighton – 68.2%
  5. Liverpool – 67.7%

But when it came to the worst places to be single Crawley was in the top three:

  1. Belfast
  2. Maidstone
  3. Crawley
  4. Woking
  5. Chelmsford
  6. Swindon
  7. London
  8. Luton
  9. High Wycombe
  10. Slough

However, in some places, even if everything else is in your favour, you just can’t escape the fact that there just aren’t that many fellow singles! Here are the five places that the study found to have the lowest % of singles.

  1. Belfast – 34.2%
  2. Woking – 46.4%
  3. Basingstoke – 47.5%
  4. High Wycombe – 47.6%
  5. Solihull – 48.4%

You can view the full research here.


Live or work in Ifield? Make sure you attend ‘Talk Ifield” Community Forum

Over one year after its successful re-launch in autumn 2017, the ‘Talk Ifield’ local community forum will be holding its next open public meeting from 7.00pm to 8.30pm on Monday 4th March 2019 at Elim Church, The Mardens, Ifield, Crawley RH11 0HD.



‘Talk Ifield’ was first established in 2013 as a neighbourhood forum, run by local people, for local people.

It offers an opportunity for people who live and work in Ifield to meet and share ideas for improving and developing the local community for the benefit of everyone.

Anyone who lives in, who works in, or who has an interest in Ifield is welcome to attend the open forum meetings.

This year they are delighted to announce their guest speaker on 4th March will be Crawley Borough Councillor Martin Stone, who will be giving a presentation and leading a discussion on the subject of ‘Crawley Museum, and a short history of Crawley and Ifield’.

Crawley has a rich and varied history dating back several centuries, and the new Museum has now become a focal point for anyone who is interested in the heritage of our town and its changing character over the years.

Martin has had a leading role in helping to establish the Museum and has himself also undertaken extensive research into the history of Ifield in particular.

Mark Sudan, Chair of the ‘Talk Ifield’ Management Committee, said:

“Very many people attended our last open forum meeting in September, and we enjoyed a most interesting presentation on maintaining our neighbourhood environment from the Borough Council officer responsible for leading that work.

We are now looking forward to our next forum meeting on 4th March, at which Cllr Martin Stone will be bringing us up to date on the new Crawley Museum, and sharing with us his own extensive knowledge and research into the history of Ifield in particular.

This will be a fascinating evening’s discussion, and we urge as many people as can do so, to come along and share the experience as Martin takes us on a unique journey through local history.”

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