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Crawley ice rink opens with the help of Thomas Bennett students

The ice rink in Tilgate Park, Crawley has now opened for the festive season.



Students from Thomas Bennett Community College were the first to come and launch Crawley’s ice rink in Tilgate Park this morning (26th Nov).

The new rink has been located just outside Smith and Western and is open throughout Tilgate Park’s Magical Christmas.

The students all from different years were able to experience the new rink with some even able to stop using the penguin aids and skate freestyle within minutes.

It is open from 13:00 through to 20:45 Mon – Fri during term time and 10:00 to 20:45 on Weekends and School Holidays.

With sessions lasting 45 minutes at the start of each hour the rink has also teamed up with Smith and Western for parties.

Thomas Bennett students: Rogerio Cardoso, Emma Elliott, Jack Whitney, Brooke Miller, Skye Miles, Hannah Hogan, Will McLaughlin, Fearne Dore, Jessica Elliott, Sas Thompson, Cassie Girling & Bracken Cumming

Prices are:

Peak – £8.75
Off Peak – £7.25

CHILDREN (Under 16)
Peak – £7.75
Off Peak – £7.25

Prices as above – Carers skate for free

FAMILY TICKET (4 skaters incl. at least 2 children under 16)
Peak – £30.00

Penguin/Panda Skate Aid £3.50

For more information goto their website here or call 01293 769940


Crawley boy receives pioneering kit to help with his disabilities



Eleven-year-old Theakston Lee-Watson is among the first recipients of innovative new equipment to provide disabled children with sensory activities in their own home.

Theakston, from Crawley in Sussex, received the equipment from Caudwell Children as part of a UK-first charity campaign to deliver sensory equipment and support to disabled children across the country.

The sensory pack will provide a range of therapeutic benefits for Theakston, who has autism and sensory processing disorder, helping him regulate his emotions and develop his motor skills. 

Theakston’s mum, Kitty Lee-Watson, has already noticed the benefits the equipment brings.

Kitty said:

“He has a lot of anxiety at the moment, I now have the sensory pack out on his bedroom floor so when he has a meltdown it’s easy to guide him to something or distract him. This has been a real help.

“Theakston’s favourite part of the Get Sensory pack is the Fibre Optic Light as it’s both visual and tactile. He likes touching the fibres.”

Caudwell Children has pledged to provide thousands of families with essential sensory equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic – with each family receiving a pack of appropriate and safe toys to support children living with a wide range of disabilities. 

Trudi Beswick, CEO of Caudwell Children, said:

“Our Get Sensory Packs are designed to support children who are likely to benefit from sensory resources – it’s so encouraging to hear that Theakston is enjoying using the equipment and his family can see the benefits already.”

“We’ve committed to provide thousands of families with a pack, because we know it’s difficult to access resources at the moment.

“To deliver on that we’re now calling for anyone who can to make a difference to the life of a disabled child by donating to our Get Sensory Packs campaign – you can make a life-changing difference from just £5.”

Caudwell Children launched its Get Sensory Packs campaign following consultation with parents to find the most appropriate and safe sensory items – selected by the charity’s Occupational Therapists.

The packs include:

  • A Liquid Cell Timer,
  • Scented Bubbles,
  • A BoBo Massager,
  • Sissle Brush,
  • 4 Ball Massager,
  • Weighted Cushion,
  • Spikey Domes,
  • Space Blanket, and
  • A Fibre Optic Lamp.

Packs are available to children who have a confirmed disability or chronic illness. Families can apply directly to Caudwell Children for support, with the charity providing 80% of the cost of each pack.

Families will be asked to contribute 20% of the cost, which is £20, and to confirm their financial status and their child’s diagnosis. More information is available at

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