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Crawley has a new nightclub and this one certainly has the WOW factor



The Crawley night life has had a very interesting few years particularly when it comes to the late night dance venues.

Once you have been to one the plethora of pubs or bars across the town the choice of where to dance away the night suddenly becomes very limited. And whilst there have been attempts at bringing more choices to the town, most recently with the nightclub SIX, it has never really tempted enough people away from the more established venues such as MOKA and even smaller venues like OCTOPVS.

Well now following a huge revamp owner of restaurant Hispalis, Yashar Koksal, has taken the old SIX venue and created something rather exciting.

RHYTHM quietly opened its doors two months ago and has slowly been gaining traction as a new ‘must-visit’ venue for party goers.

The dance floor has been opened up and along with the bar has been totally transformed bringing a bright modern feel to the club.

Currently open every Friday and Saturday night from 11pm till 3am the club has a no entry fee promotion running at the moment so everyone can come and experience the new club.

Owner Yashar says he wanted to bring something new to the area, something that he felt was missing. He said:

“We have such a vibrant nightlife in Crawley and I wanted to bring something that would build on that and give a bigger choice to those wanting a night out.

I’ve worked hard with my team to bring something original to the town and we want to really encourage more people to think about a night out here instead of going into London or Brighton.”

But don’t think because the club is smaller than others that it doesn’t have the same high class feel that you would expect in longer established venues.

Take a walk into the VIP area and you would suddenly think you were in some famous London club, the attention to detail is really that good.

The VIP area is really spectacular.

There can always be a sense of anxiety whenever you walk up to a club with their very imposing set of bouncers gleering at you. Not here though, and the owner and his team have worked hard to ensure that there is a very welcoming experience whilst also an ensuring one that you will be safe and looked after.

It’s a refreshing experience and one that will certainly bring more people out and about in the town, and that for one has to be a positive step for the town.

If you want to experience Rhythm then it is situated above Hispalis in the town centre or for more information goto their facebook page here


Local musician holds workshop with Crawley school promoting Anti-Bullying

Schools up and down the country recently spent time marking Anti Bullying Week. At OLQOH School in Langley Green, the 2019 theme was “Change Starts with Us.”



Workshops at Our Lady Queen Of Heaven primary school were led by local musician Ollie Heath, who used the unifying and all-inclusive medium of music to get everyone fired up chanting values of team spirit, resilience, focus and respect.

The atmosphere throughout the day was electric, mirroring the type of experience you usually get in a sports arena, with Ollie using his guitar and loop station to whisk up on the spot beats, the type of which you’d usually only hear at an Ed Sheeran concert! 

Children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the special event with one pupil commenting, ‘today was an interesting, exciting and really enjoyable day which I will remember for a long time – thank you, Ollie.’

In response, Ollie said,
“when you hear an entire arena clapping and chanting in a concert, it’s electric and unifying. I use that same power to remind children how amazing they are and that anything is possible when people work together.

I’ve been coming back to Our Lady’s for years leading themed days and always have the best time! It’s an incredible school with phenomenal pupils, parents, Governors and staff!”.

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