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Crawley gets presidential visit

Mayor Carlos Castro welcomed the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque on Sunday (27 May).



Mayor Carlos Castro with the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque

The Portuguese community in Crawley is said to be over 6000 and now, they may feel they can be better represented by the new Mayor of Crawley Cllr Carlos Castro.

On May 27th The Portuguese residents in Crawley, mainly from Madeira celebrated the Wholly Ghost on Sunday (27 May). This event takes place annually in St Bernadette’s Church in Tilgate.

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Mayor Carlos Castro welcomed the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, a presidential visit such as this had never taken place until now. Usually, VIP visits of this kind take place in London and mostly at Downing Street.

Miguel Albuquerque also toured Crawley in the Mayor’s car and was reportedly amazed at how much Crawley has to offer. Mayor Carlos Castro took the President to Tilgate Park and met Park Manager Nick Hagon. The tour included a quick visit to the Nature Centre and the Walled Garden. This visit to the Park was important due to the significance of it in Tilgate, but also because the President loves flowers.

Mayor Carlos Castro with the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque in the Mayor’s car

Recently appointed Mayor, Carlos Castro said:

“We also went around the Manor Royal District and we talked about the importance of the companies that make up this area and the employment force for Crawley – just as amazed as the visit to the Queens Square.

“Here, we talked about how popular the water fountain is for the square and how it attracts more footfall into town. Never before did we see so many residents out and about and children playing. He also noticed Metro Bank moving into the area.

“President Albuquerque stated that his visit made him feel welcomed and was happy with what Crawley was really about and how now he understands why so many prefer Crawley.”

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Police drop investigation in alleged bullying of Oriel High School boy



Sussex Police have confirmed they have made the decision to drop an investigation into an incident of alleged bullying.

The investigation was launched following an outcry from concerned residents when a video emerged on social media.

The video has since been taken down from most social media accounts.

Earlier Susses Police had confirmed they had launched an investigation into the incident and were liaising with Oriel High School.

Now it appears their investigation has turned up new information which has led to their decision to drop the police’s involvement and hand it over to the school.

A statement from Sussex Police said:

“Police have investigated the circumstances surrounding a video on social media showing the alleged bullying of a boy by fellow students from Oriel High School in Maidenbower, Crawley.

As a result, the matter has been passed to the school for any action they feel is appropriate.”

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