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Crawley family have lucky escape after flats roof crashes into their home



A Crawley family had a lucky escape last week when a whole section of a flats roof crashed into their home.

The Ritchie family from Pound Hill woke up to find branches from surrounding trees and over 100ft of roofing lying by their house last Thurs (18th Jan).

The huge section of roofing had literally lifted off the nearby flats of Sandown Court, travelled over the trees around the properties and crashed down onto the Richie house.

“this could have crashed into my son’s bedroom and killed him”

From photos taken by the family the roof caused a lot of damage but it was the safety of the family that really worried them.

Mr Ritchie said:

“From speaking to a number of people in the industry this should not happen and I have asked the management company to investigate as this could have crashed into my sons bedroom and killed him.”

Sandown Court is managed by Jordan & Cook Block Management & Commercial Property Services based in Worthing.

They first heard about the roof when they received a call from Mr Ritchie later that day who had already called them about branches in their property.

The management company were already in the process of sending up contractors to fix a skylight and were totally unware the roofing was missing until the call.

A spokesperson for Jordan & Cook said:

“We have never seen anything like it.  The roof was only checked in April last year and showed no signs of any issues.

Thank god it didn’t hit anyone around the grounds or the surrounding areas.

The management company are working with the building insurers on a full investigation.

For the moment, the appropriate contractors are handling fixing the roof so it ‘safe and sound moving forward’.

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