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Crawley Councillors who left Labour say they are still with Labour whilst not being Labour…eh??



Another week and another bizarre development in the political turmoil that is Crawleys own council.

This week a letter penned by the two councillors, who made the dramatic move to leave Labour, has now been released showing how the two who have left Labour have in-fact not really left Labour and in-fact are still supporting Labour and intend to continue to support Labour whilst not being Labour but while making a ruckus of not being Labour – but are still kind of Labour in a non Labour kind of way. You follow?

What’s more, following some calls for the councillors to resign their positions now they are not representing the party their voters chose, we are reminded in the letter of how they condemn any such councillor who would dare to cling to office rather than listen to the people, just for the sake of it and how they would never do the same…

Except in this circumstance!

It’s like a carry on film at the council at the moment and who knows when it is going to change.

At a time when the town needs to come together the last thing it needs is division, but when situations like this occur then how on earth do you not call out the complete insanity of what is happening.

So a plea to both parties (PLUS INDEPENDENTS) – please just work together and stop the bickering so that you can all help the town!

You can read the letter for yourself below:

Dear Marion and Tim,

I hope that you and yours are keeping safe and well. The purpose of this email is to restate our position as independent councillors and to point out how our position as such may be helpful to the Labour Group at this time.

Of course, we are aware that Labour Groups are only permitted to enter into agreements with other groups in exceptional circumstances and as a last resort and that this can only be done in co-operation with the National and Regional Parties.

A reason for our choosing not to form a group ourselves was so that as many options remain open to guarding Labour’s manifesto and policy options as possible. If members of the Labour Group are committed to that as we are, then we do not see that there is any need to concede anything to the Tories. We took the decision not to form a group knowing that we would be ruling ourselves out of any positions that attracted a responsibility allowance and that we would have few or no opportunities to offer input as committee members.

As we have already said, we were elected on a Labour manifesto and we have re-stated our commitment to that.  We would always support policies that are consistent with Labour’s and you know that we would never betray Labour’s values and principles – to all intents and purposes, following the Labour Group whip.

We are aware that there has been a suggestion that pressure be applied to us to resign our council seats. We have always condemned those who cling to office for its own sake and have said consistently that we would never do that ourselves. No individual politician is bigger than the Party they represent, and we have always viewed this as self-serving. Added to this, the behaviour of certain Party and Group members over the last fortnight has very much tempted both of us to walk away.

However, should we resign our council seats at this time (while by elections cannot take place), it would leave residents of Bewbush, Northgate and West Green without the full representation to which they are entitled. Not only this, but this would be handing control to the Tories – they would then have a straight majority and would be able to take measures that are definitely not in accordance with Labour’s principles and values.

Even from a distance, it seems puzzling to us that – if what we hear is correct – the Labour Group have chosen to negotiate – which will always mean making concessions – with a Party that, as the Labour Group leader has put it himself, has very different politics from those of Labour.

Our differences with the Labour Party are not to do with Labour’s principles and values. Any vote of no confidence would be an endorsement (or not) of the current leader. It is not a vote of no confidence in the Labour Party, or Labour’s policies or the Labour Group as a whole. Our position regarding the current leader is firm: for reasons that we have been, and still are, prepared to explain to the Group if asked, we could not in all conscience give our votes to a leader in whom we now have even less confidence than we did at the time we resigned.

Best wishes,

Councillor Karen Sudan
Councillor Rory Fiveash


A Game of Politics – as the end of the pop-up cycle lanes approaches why isn’t everyone happy?



Yesterday we exclusively revealed that a change was afoot over the removal of the controversial pop-up cycle lanes in Crawley.

Sources revealed to CN24 how a decision to remove the pop-up cycle lanes was about to be made, but it appears this upcoming decision has caused more political tangling than you might expect.

Instead of the towns political figures banding together to support the removal of what, arguably the majority of residents have wanted to be removed, a game is now afoot over who has done the ‘real’work to make this happen.

The political games of pre-covid have returned with a vengeance and communication, published on social media, between County Council representatives and local councilors has done nothing to appease this.

A tweet published this morning, (3rd Nov) by County Councilor and Crawley Borough Councilor Michael Jones, shows the extent of the discontent based ‘entirely’ due to a response made by the Crawley MP’s office over the pop-up cycle lanes.

The irony, of course, is the extent to how ‘sad’ political games have to be brought in over something the majority of people never wanted.

But don’t expect that to stop points scoring even at dire times like an upcoming lockdown.

When the cycle lanes appeared there was major discontent, with a petition launched, a mass emailing saga erupting to the county council and most of the local leaders – all with one objective – to have the lanes removed.

Now, with a light at the end of a very leaf strewn autumnal tunnel, instead of the political community coming together to admit, quite literally, that the pop-up cycle lanes were – and let’s not beat about the bushes here – a total disaster and we should all be celebrating at their pending removal – it appears everyone wants to take credit for something that is about to happen, or use the blame culture for credit that in-fact no-one knows has had any effect whatsoever.

What’s more, where credit has not been suggested or implied, everyone is angered rather than celebrating. When I say everyone, I of course refer to those with a political point scoring agenda.

Whoever and whatever has happened to help make the change should actually be irrelevant but, let’s be honest, when did that ever matter when there is an opportunity for a quick tweet to score a point?

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