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Crawley councillor speaks out with ’21st Century’ parking solution



Crawley councillor Guidera for Tilgate has come up with a proposal that will see council garages be replaced by smart parking solutions.

Tilgate Councillor Francis Guidera

Parking – the solution.

The issue of parking is not going to go away and therefore the council MUST be implementing solutions, not offering excuses.

Here are some facts:

  1. Multi-storey car parks are very expensive to build.
  2. We have very little land left to build on.
  3. Housing is the priority (rightfully).
  4. We cannot force new builds to provide enough parking.

I have said to the previous Chief Executive and to other officers at CBC that we should look to other countries for solutions to this problem, countries that do a better job of managing living in space-limited environments. I pointed out the Japanese car parking solutions then, and this evening I was looking into the South Korean options too.

More news: Councillor Francis Guidera: A Call for Responsible Cycling

Parking towers are the solution for a lot of areas in Crawley and certainly for new builds, and were we to embark on a program of replacing garages with several of these, we would solve so many of the parking problems in residential areas. The cost would be covered by the monthly rents, the same way people pay for their garages now.

“This isn’t a futuristic sci-fi fantasy”

Most modern cars do not even fit in the 1940s garages in this town so they are not fit-for-purpose, and this solution would provide a secure, dry place to store your car in the 21st century! It would also give you a lower insurance premium (off street, in a garage). We could provide 16+ parking spaces in an area that normally roughly only two garages would occupy! Imagine, 10 garages gone, 80 parking spaces created!

Most importantly, they would have electric charging points so you would be able to plug your electric car in and charge it whilst parked too, making electric vehicle ownership a far more attractive option.

This isn’t a futuristic sci-fi fantasy. It is normal daily life in many countries and has been for YEARS.

I don’t want to hear any rubbish about the ‘cost’ either. Everything ‘costs’ and we all pay. Parking is a massive money maker in this town. Millions of pounds of sheer profit each year. Our run-down, arguably useless garages are also a massive money maker for CBC. Everyone’s complaining about parking, verges, etc.

There’s our solution.

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