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Crawley Council vote to continue Public Space Protection Order across town



Crawley Borough Council’s full council approved the recommendation to continue the implementation of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), which would prohibit alcohol related nuisance and anti-social behaviour in the town.

The decision was made at their meeting last Wednesday (21 October)

The council will introduce the PSPO under Section 59 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, prohibiting alcohol related nuisance and anti-social behaviour in a public place.

The current PSPO was implemented in 2017 when it transitioned from the 2006 Designated Public Places Order (Consumption of Intoxicating Liquor) to the current Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. The new PSPO would replace the current PSPO when it expires in October.

The order would make it an offence for anyone to engage in any activity prohibited by the PSPO, when asked to stop.  Both the police and council officers would have powers to enforce the order and issue fixed penalty notices with the option to prosecute in court, if tickets are not paid.

Cabinet Member for Public Protection and Community Engagement, Councillor Brenda Smith said:

“The current PSPO has been valuable in enabling the police and our Community Wardens to apply fines when appropriate. It makes sense to continue implementing this PSPO to ensure Crawley is a safe place for our residents and visitors to enjoy.”


Police cordon set-up in Ifield, Crawley after man found deceased by ambulance service



A police cordon has been put in place in Ifield following the discovery of a deceased male.

Police were called to the scene on at Ifield Green on Rusper Road, at 7:47am this morning, 2nd March, after a request by the ambulance service who were attending .

The deceased is believed to be a male in his later thirties to early forties.

Police said that at this time there does not appear to be any foul play and are currently treating it as a medical incident.

The large presence of emergency vehicles and personnel along with the cordon being put in place caused a large amount of speculation on social media.

Police say that enquiries are ongoing to determine the mans identity.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the police on 101.

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