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Crawley Council to debate planned loss of right turn from Three Bridges Station



An epetition that was setup to protest against the planned loss of a right hand turn out of Three Bridges Station has passed the 1000 mark required for a debate to be raised within Crawley Council.

As of today, 14th Jan, there had been 1065 signatures meaning that the issue must now be debated within Full Council

The next Full Council is on the 26th February which is most likely to be where the issue will be debated.

Commuters have been arguing that the propsals currently laid out would add un-necessary time, money and add to polution as drivers would have to take a diversion in the opposite direction.

Some residents have also argued that some information set out in the plans is incorrect stating the times given for rush hour are not accurate.

You can read the proposal document here.


25 Tonnes of sh#t – Crawley’s shocking Doggy Doo Doo mountain



An incredible 40 tonnes of litter and 25 tonnes of dog mess has been picked up by council workers since the lockdown began.

The astonishing figures were disclosed by Crawley Council Leader Peter Lamb when responding to a query about litter in his weekly online address.

Mr Lamb added:

“Litter is being picked up at a higher level than any time before.

You’d struggle to think there was enough dogs in the entire town to do that. The issue is people are spending a lot more time outside than usual so the amount of waste generated in public areas is a lot higher.”

The figures illustrate the high number of people who are out and about, even before the lockdown rules began to be relaxed.

But these figures also illustrate how Crawley is a dog loving town.

What is not clear is whether these DOO DOO figures are just from dog bins or if they include those that were found on the ground as well.

Whatever the answer, that’s one big pile of sh#t!

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