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Crawley council tax to increase as Police ask for more money

The Police and Crime Panel Meeting next week is expected to ask for a rise in taxes meaning an increase for the third year in a row.



With all the worries of Brexit still banging around the country belts are being tightened in all corners of society so the last thing you would want to hear is an increase in your Council Tax.

But this is what is about to happen and there is nothing you can do about it and not just in Crawley but across the whole of Sussex.

Next Friday 1st Feb, the Police and Crime Panel Meeting will take place where the Police Commissioner will outline the recommendations for the force infront of a panel made up of Community Safety Partners (essentially councillors).

These panellists will get to vote on the recommendations set out by the Commissioner and be able to make suggestions.

But here is the kicker. No matter whether the panellists reject the recommendations or not, any change made after their comments no matter how small allows it to be carried through.

And what is it expected to be this time? More money of course.

The Government allowed local councils to increase taxes two years ago to help increase police resources, something that was done in Sussex by splitting the increase over two years, half in the first year and half the second.

Now yet another increase is being allowed by the Government and the commissioner is expected to push it through to everyone in Sussex, an increase of up to £24 for a band D property.

In fact it is expected to be a 14.5% increase across all bands. At the highest level this will mean an increase of £48.

Of course what exactly the Commissioner will propose will not be known till the meeting but it is unlikely that when being allowed to ask for more money she will choose not to.

The panel meeting will be broadcast live via the commissioners website from 10:30am on the 1st Feb and it is expected to be a feisty one. You can find the link here.


Crawley A-Level students show that it’s not just about University



L-R, Angelo Amirthanayagam, St Wilfrids Headteacher Michael Ferry and Liam Draddy. Liam gaine A* A* A* and Angelo A* A* A, both are off to study physics at Bristol and Warwick respectively.

There is always a deluge of press releases every year from schools across the town ready to impress everyone with their top students results.

Of course it’s always great to celebrate these and this year is no different but before we mention some outstanding results it is worth nothing that it is not all about going to University.

An ecstatic Kieron Stephens gained A A and is off to Exeter to study politics and Int. relations with study abroad.

There has always been a large amount of pressure of young people to follow the course of University after doing A-Levels, but in-fact this should be looked at as a choice not a necessity.

In this modern world the route to your chosen career can take many routes and whilst some do require a degree avenue there are many more that simply don’t.

One student from St Wilfrids is a prime example.

Faye Bromige with St Wilfrids Headteacher Michael Ferry.

Faye Bromige did exceptionally well in her results this year with A* A* A, but rather than choosing a place at University she battled through over 500 applicants to gain an apprenticeship with Virgin Atlantic in their finance department.

Faye is not alone though as headteacher Michael Ferry explains:

“Some of our students have already gained apprenticeships since leaving Yr 13 with many being successful in gaining university places from September.”

For others though there was great joy that they were able to take the places they were offered.

Thomas Bennett Community College students celebrating their results.

Over at Thomas Bennett Community College there was real pride. A Level students achieved excellent results across all subjects.  In vocational students achieved 100% pass rates across all subjects at Merit and Distinction level with half of all the results at Distinction* (equivalent to A* at A Level). The Chelsea Academy also posted a 100% pass rate for all its NVQ students.

Headteacher Stuart Smith said:

“These results are an outstanding achievement for the college community.  Congratulations to all students on their hard work and for continuing the rise in exam success.  We would like to thank the staff who have given many additional hours of guidance and support to help our students realise their potential. We wish all leavers the very best of luck as they move on and know they have a bright future ahead.”

With other Crawley schools having similar success it is another great year for the towns schools.

But the real message here for all students is to remember it is not just about university and there are plenty of options always available no matter what your results are as this is just the start of an exciting journey!

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