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Crawley Council needs your help with areas across town that could be made safer for social distancing



Crawley Borough Council is inviting residents, businesses and community groups to identify places where it could be made easier and safer for people to travel on foot and by bicycle, whilst maintaining social distancing.

The council has teamed up with Commonplace to launch a consultation tool to help identify locations that need temporary changes, where we can look at creating more space for walking and cycling or consider ways to reduce the impact of traffic.

The council want to make it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle, to shop at their local neighbourhood parade, to reach their local green spaces, schools and healthcare and to get to work, all the while maintaining social distancing.

Tell them where you would like to see improvements that allow safer travel for essential journeys or for exercise, on foot or by bicycle, by visiting

It’s very quick and easy to use. Just place a pin (or pins) in the map and then tell them what you are commenting on, the issue(s) in the area and what could be done to rectify this.

The council will review every location that is highlighted and prioritise measures at locations where we can deliver the greatest benefit and are the most practical to implement, as well as those that can help key workers to reach their place of work.

The financial impact of the pandemic has been severe, so using our limited resources effectively is critical. Funding is very limited, so possible changes to our streets that are identified will need to be prioritised, and we will only be able to implement a shortlist. Your information will help the council focus their efforts in the right places.

Councillor Gurinder Jhans, Cabinet member for Environmental Services and Sustainability, said:

“During this challenging time we are being urged to consider more active and sustainable ways to travel.

“It is crucial that we take pressure off roads and public transport and rethink the way we get out and about for essential journeys or exercise. Not only will this help with mental and physical health, but it will help our environment and improve air quality too if more people are walking and cycling.

“We will use the results from this consultation to plan and roll-out safer transport measures in response to the Covid-19 emergency and the longer-term so please go online and give us your thoughts.”

For more information and to give your views visit


Crawley’s first ever ‘Free Supermarket’ opens in Three Bridges to support community



On Sunday (8th November} Crawley’s first ever ‘free supermarket’ opened its doors to the local community.

The Free Shop Crawley is a store run by volunteers with the sole purpose of providing locals with food, toiletries and baby essentials without any associated cost.

Inspired by Marcus Rashford and his campaign to have school meals funded year-round, the stores inception came about when four local women shared a common desire to create a safe place for people in need to come and receive help without fear or shame.

Laura-Jane Wainwright, one of the founders of Free Shop Crawley said:

“Having used food banks in the past, I know first-hand how degrading it can feel.  We wanted to create a dignified space where anyone in need could come and access essentials in a friendly and inclusive environment. The thought of children going to bed hungry and adults losing sleep over financial anxiety broke our hearts and we knew we had to use our skills and resources to help”

Shoppers are encouraged to take up to 10 items from the shop each visit giving them a full basket of daily necessities. Anyone is eligible to visit the store and although there is a ticketing system in place the team are ready to welcome anyone who is in need.

The shop offers a fresh produce section, toiletries and sanitary care, tinned and dried goods, nappies and formula and even children’s clothing and toys.

In week one alone, over 100 people have been fed by the shops offering, showing just how big a need there is for support in not just this area but country wide.

Local businesses have been quick to support the store donating essentials by the van load, even down to kitting out the shop with shelving, tables and hanging racks. Companies including Asda, Co-op and Tilgate Bakery have committed to donate to the store each week.

Free Shop Crawley can be found at CJ’s café, Kingsland Court, Three Bridges, Crawley, RH10 1HL, on Sundays from 2pm-4pm.

Anyone wishing to donate or find out more can visit the Free Shop Crawley Facebook page  or contact the team direct on

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