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Crawley Council demands West Sussex Council change decision over cuts or relationship is over

In a strongly worded letter to the leader of West Sussex Council, Crawley has made it clear the relationship is over if action is not taken immediately.



Is the relationship with West Sussex County Council now broken?

In a dramatic statement Crawley Council Leader Peter Lamb has tweeted a letter that he has written to West Sussex County Council following the news of potential cuts that would threaten charitable businesses like Open House from operating.

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The strongly worded letter pulls no punches and states:

“Until such time as West Sussex Changes its course we will be withdrawing from West Sussex Leader Board activities and while honouring current agreements, we will be taking no further steps towards joint working the county. 

We simple cannot work with people who believe such actions to be moral.”

Last week a petition was started in an attempt to show local support and to save Open House which is just one of many shelters that would be affected.

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As of publication over 6,400 people had signed the petition.

The full letter is below to read.

The full letter from Crawley Council leader Peter Lamb.

West Sussex County Council have been contacted for a statement.


The top 5 dishes Crawley people are ordering from Deliveroo



It’s been two years since Deliveroo came to Crawley and in that time it has become more and more popular.

Now with their anniversary coming up Deliveroo has released the top five most popular dishes ordered in the town.

Unsurprisingly the most popular time for locals to order is on a Friday night at 9:02pm.

So what are the most popular dishes?

At number 5 is a Jumbo Battered Sausage from The Master Fryer showing that despite all the foreign dishes available the good old fish and chip shop can still hold its own.

At number 4 is actually a desert. Cookie Dough Utopia with Milk Chocolate from Creams. Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth late on a Friday night?

At number 3 is the Bacon Double Cheese XL Meal from Burger King, the only burger restaurant in the top 5.

At number 2 is a curry, the Chicken Katsu Curry from Kokoro. Well it wouldn’t be a Friday night without a curry would it?

But at NUMBER 1 as the most popular dish currently ordered from Deliveroo in Crawley is the Boneless Banquet from KFC!

Boneless Banquet

Harison Foster, Regional Director of Deliveroo said:

“Our whole team here at Deliveroo are delighted that our rapid growth in Crawley over the past two years means that customers have more choice, restaurants are able to increase their revenue, and riders have opportunity to choose well-paid, flexible work.”

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