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Crawley car park wins safety award



Orchard Street multi-storey car park has been awarded the Park Mark from the British Parking Association.

The distinctive Park Mark signage is beneficial to drivers when they are looking for a safe place to park their car confidently. Park Mark helps you tell the difference.

To achieve the award, the car park undergoes a rigorous assessment by specially trained police assessors to ensure the high standard of the car park. Now Orchard Street has received this award, they have regular management practices and security measures assessed to actively reduce crime. Park Mark car parks look safer, feel safer and they are safer!

Orchard Street car park is secure, with high-quality CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR) installed as well as regular Civil Enforcement Officer patrols. Not only is the car park secure, they work hard to protect the environment by using refurbished, low-energy lighting.

The car park is now open 24 hours, so if you need to leave your car in a safe place for the evening, Orchard Street is in the perfect location. It also provides easy access to Crawley Station, Crawley Hospital and the town centre.

Season tickets are available for residents and businesses with little or no parking facilities and for those working in the town centre. Disabled parking is free with a blue badge.

Councillor Gurinder Jhans said:

“Orchard Street Car Park being awarded the Park Mark is a vote of confidence that shows it is a safe and stress-free place for people to park their vehicles.

“Whatever reason you are visiting the town centre, you can rest assure that this is a car park that can be trusted.”

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‘It’s not nearly enough funding’ warns Crawley Council as business grant applications open



Eligible businesses can now apply for the latest round of business grants but Crawley Borough Council says the funding is not nearly enough.

Despite Crawley being responsible for 25 per cent of the economic output in West Sussex, it has been given some of the lowest grant funding in the county.

The government has given the council £3,733,396 made up of:

  • £1,485,216 in Local Restrictions Support Grant to distribute to businesses that pay business rates and have had to close during the second lockdown
  • £2,248,180 in Additional Restrictions Grant, which is given to businesses that don’t pay business rates and have been affected by the lockdown but not legally required to close.

Out of seven local authorities in West Sussex, only one received less than Crawley’s combined grants figure. Five councils received more.

The Additional Restrictions Grant is based on £20 per person in Crawley rather than the number of businesses in the town. This means that Arun District Council, for example, has received £3,215,160 due to a larger population but smaller economy.

And only one council in West Sussex received less than Crawley across both rounds of grant funding in April and November. Crawley received a total of £17,167,646. The highest – Chichester District Council – received £43,739,396.

In the first round of grants earlier this year only 23 per cent of Crawley businesses received financial help from the government.

Councillor Peter Lamb, Leader of the Council, said:

“The pot of grant funding provided by the government is very limited and does not recognise the number of businesses we have in Crawley.

“The way the grant settlement is calculated – on population and not on the size of the economy – means we have to turn most businesses away, while other councils have millions to spare. This is causing major hardship at a time when Crawley is already the hardest-hit economy in the UK.”

Businesses that have had to close during the second lockdown can apply for a Local Restrictions Support Grant by visiting

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