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County Council want local peoples say on sexual health services

Would you know where to turn to if you have a sexual health problem? Do you know who can provide impartial advice on contraception?



These are just two of the questions being put to residents as part of a survey launched by West Sussex County Council’s Public Health Team.

They are currently assessing public awareness of the services on offer in the county and are calling on residents to have their say on the provision of sexual health services.

The survey, which is completely confidential, also asks residents who have used the service in the past to share their experience and put forward any suggestions that could make the service easier to use.

The county council has had the responsibility for commissioning sexual health services since the transition of public health functions from the primary care trust to the council in 2013.

Amanda Jupp, West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, said:

“The provision of sexual health services is a very important aspect of Public Health’s remit, and I would urge anyone who has used these services in the past – for whatever reason – to share their views with us to help us shape services in the future.

“This survey is completely confidential and your participation could make a real difference to those struggling to know where to turn to in their hour of need.”

You can take part in the survey here: 

Health & Wellbeing

Council asks you to help improve the lives of those living with dementia

More than 30,000 people in West Sussex are Dementia Friends, and West Sussex County Council is encouraging all of its staff and residents to join the programme.



The focus comes in support of Dementia Action Week, which is running from 20-26 May 2019.

Dementia is rapidly becoming the defining health issue of our time, with the numbers of people living with the condition increasing and no treatment to prevent or cure the underlying diseases. However we believe that life doesn’t end when dementia begins. 

Over the duration of the week, a range of events, such as Memory Cafes and ‘Ask the Expert’ will be taking place across the county, aimed to raise awareness of the matter and share information. 

As part of these events, Human Story Theatre is presenting Connie’s Colander across various West Sussex libraries. A drama intertwining a mother and daughter’s journey with dementia, tickets to the stripped-back, intimate show are free and can be booked via Eventbrite. The drama is crammed with all emotions and lots of laughs, alongside an informal Q&A session, facilitated by the two actors and local dementia specialists.

Amanda Jupp, Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, said:

“Dementia affects each person differently. Therefore it is really important that we understand how to recognise when someone is living with the condition.

“I cannot emphasise the importance of becoming a Dementia Friend enough. None of us are immune to the disease, so it is vital that we help to make a difference and continue to reduce the stigma surrounding it.”  

Around 14,000 people are estimated to have dementia in West Sussex and that figure is expected to reach 18,000 over the next six years.

More advice on dementia, as well as information on the upcoming events, can be found at

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