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Could Coronavirus Detecting CCTV Cameras be coming to Crawley workplaces?



Installation of Smart “Coronavirus” CCTV is being investigated for large office buildings to try and pro-actively isolate those with the virus.

As bosses struggle to get their heads around how to cope with an employee in a large office building or factory coming down with Coronavirus, some are looking to invest in smart CCTV with built in temperature sensors.

The CCTV camera has a built-in temperature sensor which relays data back to the building’s security personnel to help isolate those with higher than normal temperature – a key sign of Coronavirus.

“Building managers are facing a nightmare with Coronavirus”, says Jonathan Ratcliffe from,

“One person could potentially infect hundreds meaning the building would have to close for weeks – there is going to be big money being thrown at this issue”.

Within a large office building, the key problem is that one rogue carrier could potentially infect hundreds or thousands of people, and when this is a whole business – the risks are very high to that company financially.

Security personnel would be trained to use Smart Coronavirus CCTV to detect, divert and isolate those people they fear may be carrying the virus.

About the Smart Coronavirus CCTV Cameras

  • Can be installed in a building reception or entrance area
  • Uses detection software to record a person’s body temperature
  • Can handle 2 people walking at the same time
  • Data is relayed to a central computer or shown on a screen
  • Security or heath personnel would isolate that person for further tests before they enter the main building area

“Automating the detection process to keep those with signs of the virus is the best form of defence to protect against large offices being shut down completely. We will definitely see this technology used in large banks and financial institutions in the City”, says Jonathan.


Local volunteers drive GPs to essential home visits in Crawley



Image: Dr Phoebe Danes and volunteer Chris Ball.

Local volunteers have stepped up to help drive clinicians to home visits during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The initiative was launched by local GP federation Alliance for Better Care, who have rented black cabs to provide essential transport for clinicians attending patients’ homes. 

The taxis, which have been adapted to make them easier to clean, are driven by volunteer drivers who have come forward via various community Facebook groups.

Thanks to the layout of the cab, drivers are completely separated from the clinician who is also afforded extra space in the cab to put on PPE and write up notes. 

Matt Cullis, practice manager at Leacroft Medical Practice said:

“Our surgery is still open to treat patients, however, home visits have become particularly important for those who are shielding and not wanting to leave their homes. This service saves us time and allows our doctors to travel to appointments in an environment that can be easily cleaned and has room to put on PPE.”

Alliance for Better Care is the GP federation for Crawley, Horsham, Mid-Sussex and East Surrey and so far the project has been rolled out at Leacroft Surgery in Crawley and throughout Burgess Hill, with plans to extend it to East Grinstead and Horley in the coming weeks.

Katherine Saunders, ABC chief executive said:

“We have been overwhelmed with the number of volunteers who have come forward and we’d like to thank them all for offering to support this service. We are, of course, committed to protecting both our volunteers and our clinicians. We insure drivers and carry out all necessary checks while also providing PPE. This is a valuable resource for our clinicians, and increases our capacity to reach more patients.”

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