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Coronavirus: Ryanair to cut up to 3,000 jobs as pay cuts start from July and reduced Gatwick service under review



The budget airline has announced that up to 3,000 jobs are to be cut, made up of mainly pilots and cabin crew.

The decision has come following the drastically reduced operation of the airline during the virus pandemic.

This works out to about 15% of their workforce but the airline has also said there will also be pay cuts from July.

Chief Executive Michael O’Leary said that they will also have to look at possibly closing some of their regional bases and whilst Gatwick would not be closed it was more than likely that their aircraft numbers and operations would be reduced there.

O’Leary also commented on reports from some passengers on the delay for cash refunds, saying:

“We process 10,000 refunds a month in normal conditions but now we are processing 10,000 refunds a week. We are working through this backlog at incredible speed and every customer will get a cash refund if they want a cash refund but they will have to bear with us as it will take many weeks and months to process.”


‘No demand to fly before August’ says Virgin Atlantic



Ahead of a press conference this afternoon, Virgin Atlantic has said that a 14 day self-isolation for travellers entering the UK will prevent them from offering flights.

In their initial statement they say that these restrictions mean there won’t be sufficient deman to resumer passenger services before August at the earliest.

They add:

“The safety and security of our people and our customers is always our top priority and public health must come first. We know that as the Covid-19 crisis subsides, air travel will be a vital enabler of the UK’s economic recovery.

Therefore, we are calling for a multi-layered approach of carefully targeted public health and screening measures, which will allow for a successful and safe restart of international air travel for passengers and businesses.”

More information is expected to be released in a press conference being held this afternoon (22nd May).

Only two weeks ago Virgin Atlantic announced job cuts of 3,000 staff and stopped it flights from Gatwick.

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