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Coronavirus map and live tracker



Image: John Hopkins CSSE

With the rapid spread of the coronavirus around the world a new coronavirus map and live tracker has been created showing the locations and spread.

Coronavirus map and live tracker released

The coronavirus map and live tracker was created by the Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering and tracks the coronavirus as it is discovered in countries around the world.

It works by collecting data from several sources including from the World Health Organisation and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).

You can view the map here.

The map not only tracks and maps the locations of people infected but also of those who have died. Each dot on the map can be clicked on to provide the statistics for that region.

The map also updates in real time as new data is received.

What is the Coronavirus?

It is a virus that has never been seen before that belongs to the coronavirus family and originates from animals. In this case the virus causes pneumonia with people suffering from coughs, breathing problems and fever.

Antibiotics are of little use to treat those infected as the virus is viral and therefore while those who may be fit and healthy may be able to cope with the symptoms, those who are in ill health or elderly may not.


Crawley hairdressers, hotels, pubs and restaurants to reopen from 4th July as lockdown is eased



The Prime Minister has made an announcement in the House Of Commons this afternoon where he announced further easing of the lockdown restrictions.

These included reducing the social distance rule of 2 metres to 1 metre.

In a move that will help and be appreciated by most people, hairdressers will also be allowed to reopen provided visors are worn.

From July 4th, two households of any size can meet both indoors and outside provided social distance rules are followed.

Pubs, restaurants, hotels, holiday house and campsites can also open from the 4th July.

Schools are also to be reopened from September with all children to return as normal.

But several sectors are still not allowed to open and include, indoor gyms, nightclubs, theatres and swimming pools to remain closed for the time being.

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