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‘Common sense prevails’ as Metro Bank wins appeal over Crawley Queens Sq windows

After months of speculation an appeal by Metro Bank around their branch windows in Queens Square has been successful.



The bank had become embroiled in problems around the windows since they completed their new site back in 2019.

The problem stemmed from the fact that they had not stuck to the plans they had originally submitted and it was argued that the look they had finished with, floor to ceiling windows, did not fit in with the rest of the square – despite being located just metres away from another store with floor to ceiling windows.

In a vote back in June 2019 councillors on the planning committee voted against Metro Bank being able to keep the windows they installed despite a difference in public opinion saying:

“The design detailing and proportions of the shopfront glazing, framing detail and fenestration pattern as currently installed fails to respect the character and appearance of the original New Town shopping area and is visually incompatible and incongruous with its surroundings causing harm to the street scene in The Martlets and Queen Square.”

In appeal Metro Bank pointed out that in their highly competative market place where they have less than a 1% market share, brand identity was critical in order to reinforce customer’s famailiarity with their offer. They also added that they needed to create an attractive and modern shopfront consistent to other high street retailers and pointed out numerous other outlets within walking distance that also had the floor to ceiling windows for their shopfronts.

Metro Bank also pointed out that they had taken a dated building which they said promoted little in the way of visual interest and turned it into a prominent and contemporary designed building.

In their appeal they also successfully argued that the shopfront design they installed was not in conflict with policy and that it was not only a significant improvement to the previous facade but also in-fact fully supported in policy.

Within their appeal Metro Bank paid a reference to the recent retrospective planning changes that had been approved by the council around the windows at Crawley Museum which with committee report stated had “resulted in a development of significantly lower quality than was originally permitted”.

In responding to and approving the appeal it was concluded that the current windows did not cause harm to the character nor the appearance of the square and also added that the windows added some diversity and ‘an acceotable effect on the character and apeparance of their surrounding context’.

One customer of the bank who asked to remain anonymous said:

“Finally common sense prevails. The town has needed some modernising and when I heard they may have to change things it just seemed like nonsense.”

In a response to the news Councillor Guidera said:

“This bad decision was taken at the first planning meeting after the election in May 2019 and I warned everyone at that meeting that the committee’s decision could be appealed and leave Crawley tax payers on the hook for the huge cost of losing an appeal.

I even called for a recorded vote so the public could see for themselves which way each councillor voted (so you’d know who to blame because I could see what was coming…). Regrettably, my warning was ignored by all of the Labour councillors, most notably the brand new Councillor for Ifield Cllr Jilly Hart (at her first ever meeting) and Ifield Cllr Peter Smith, our supposed town centre economic development cheerleader! For the record, all of the Conservative Members voted to let Metro bank keep its windows as they are because they look fantastic.

Immediately after this meeting I resigned from the committee, deeply unhappy with how I felt the committee had behaved that evening.

It’s no surprise to me that Metro Bank have now won their appeal, 8 months later, and what remains to be known is how much money this terrible committee decision has cost our town in legal fees and council staff time.

It’s an absolute disgrace and once again, Cllr Peter Smith, the man who wanted to charge Ifield school children 30% of their charity money for their sponsored walk in Tilgate Park days before that meeting, has his fingerprints on it. Ifield residents surely must now take a good, hard look at their represention and look forward to changing it at the next election in May?

In reponse Cllr Peter Smith who is Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development said:

“Crawley’s planning policies are designed to protect the interests of all residents and businesses in the best way that we can.

The current Local Plan 2035 is under consultation and residents and businesses are encouraged to comment on it. The planning inspectors decision closes this case.”


Appeal for witnesses issued by Police after motorcyclist rushed to hospital following collision in Crawley Down



Police have responded to a serious injury collision involving a car and a motorcycle in Crawley Down this morning (Monday 6 July).

The incident occurred on Turners Hill Road, close to the junction with Old Hollow, around 8.44am.

The motorcyclist is being treated for serious injuries and police are urging anyone who saw what happened – or anyone with relevant dash cam footage – to email quoting Operation Drawbridge.

A section of the road is likely to remain closed for some time and motorists are urged to find alternative routes in the meantime.

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