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Francis Guidera

Cllr Guidera: Is maintaining Queens Sq really too much to ask?

Tilgate Cllr Francis Guidera has spoken out about what he calls the ‘filthy’ state of newly refurbished Queens Square in Crawley.



In an open letter Cllr Guidera says:

“Queen’s Square is costing the tax payer millions to renovate, but if you sat in Queen’s Square today you would be forgiven for thinking that the paving slabs had been down for a decade!

It is utterly filthy, highlighted by the patch in the centre where the fountain operates which is of course clean and shows what the rest looked like when it was installed just over a year ago.

The issue of keeping the square clean after it was done (including chewing gum) was raised by many councillors at consultation meetings before they began the work, and Ifield Councillor Peter Smith (Labour cabinet member for planning and economic development) assured us that these stones would be coated with a substance that helps to repel dirt… well, if they were I hope he’s asking for a refund because it clearly doesn’t work!

Perhaps Councillor Geraint Thomas would like to comment on the state of it also as the cabinet member for environmental services and sustainability? I’ve been told that council staff still do not have the right equipment to properly clean it. Why not? And then there’s The Pavement (the footpath down the side of M&S) which hasn’t even been fully opened yet and there are already issues. The block paving is uneven with gaps and paving stones at randomly different levels across the entirety of it! If this was someone’s driveway they’d rightfully be demanding answers for such a shoddy job!

So to sum up, the first bit is now filthy and hasn’t been looked after properly and the second bit is badly done and isn’t even finished yet…

As a Crawley-born local I’m very proud of this town and a basic thing like keeping Queen’s Square looking decent is not much to ask of the council.

While I’m writing this, I might as well (again) mention that Chichester Close play area urgently needs renovating… (just asking for a few thousand Tilgate residents)…”

Tilgate Councillor Francis Guidera

Francis Guidera

“Get off your bikes when in Queen’s Square!” demands Crawley Councillor

Councillor Francis Guidera says enough is enough with people riding their bikes around the town centre square.



It’s bad enough normally, but with all the works going on there is extremely limited space to get about in the Square and as a result there have been several near-misses reported to me recently.

Earlier this week I witnessed one idiot, a grown adult, swerving through a group of small children whilst pulling a wheelie!

Slow hand-clap for that clown…

People leaving the shops are now finding themselves dicing with death as irresponsible people rush by on their bikes.

Yesterday, Sunday 17th of February I witnessed two men ride along one section as I discussed the issue with a concerned member of the public.

I was also told that one man who was shouted at to get off his bike shouted back that there were no signs?

Really? You need a sign?

So if you’re one of the people who currently rides a bike through the town centre, you should be under no illusion: if you do hit and injure a pedestrian you could well be prosecuted and I don’t think there’s a judge in this land that would accept a defence that a 3 year old child or an 80 year old is at fault for your slamming into them.

Cllr Francis Guidera.

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