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Cineworld & UK Cinema Association show their true colours to disabled issues



Another week, another tragic development in the on-going saga that has started to snowball into a national issue.

Laura Moore’s son William

Back in February it was highlighted how Cineworld was refusing to install assisted toilets in their cinemas to allow the thousands and thousands of disabled children and adults to have dignity when using their facilities.

They have stated countless times that they follow advice given by the UK Cinema Association as to what facilities should be installed in cinemas, almost said as proudly as a cub scout shows off his new camping badge.

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“For the avoidance of doubt, we have no further comment to make on this issue at this time.” Phil Clapp | Chief Executive UK Cinema Association

As it currently stands, someone requiring an assisted toilet must use a toilet floor as the only form of assistance.

After our original article there was a large outcry from the public which may have helped to finally persuade Cineworld to state they would have a meeting with the UK Cinema Association and discuss the issue.  They also said they would come back and inform all parties as to what happened in the meeting and the decision.

Well, knowing the tragic way that Cineworlds customer service attempts to pretend to offer, it will come as no surprise that as of today both Cineworld and now the UK Cinema Association have decided to close their eyes and hope it will all go away.

All parents, charities, political parties and even now councillors want is an answer as to what happened in the meeting and what was discussed.

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After months of trying to get an answer from Phil Clapp, the CEO of the UK Cinema Association we finally received an email.  Prepare yourselves everyone, this is an award winner:

“For the avoidance of doubt, we have no further comment to make on this issue at this time.” Phil Clapp | Chief Executive UK Cinema Association

Perhaps we should point out to Phil and his team that to use the word “further” would suggest they had give comment to us before, we could only wish.

But what about Cineworld I hear you ask, surely they have finally come back to let us all know what happened in this meeting?

Prepare for award winning comment no.2, and this one may even be in contention with Phil’s:

“No Comment” Cineworld

So there we have it Ladies and Gentlemen of Crawley and the UK.  Now we can be proud to know that our very own UK Cinema Association and our largest Cinema chain are officially closing their eyes and hoping that this will all start to blow away.

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Perhaps they haven’t seen the outcry you get when you don’t explain and talk to the public, they must be getting their advice from the same people Theresa May uses at the moment.

So what now?  What are the next steps in trying to make sense of why sensible, clever and obviously educated people who have found themselves in established positions are acting this way about an issue that is causing huge outcry from all areas of the public, including all the main political parties?

What is being hidden here?  Did a meeting not take place?  Why have these organisations chosen to hide behind single line statements rather than address the issue head on?

Well actually there is a lot to be done next and it involves you.  Watch this space because this is where true journalism is about to show its hand!


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