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Bus ticket discount for apprentices to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week



Metrobus apprenticeship week discount ticket
Apprentices Tom Bald, Mary Kuchina and Luke Sullivan.

Apprentices can now get at least 25% student discount on many of their bus tickets across the entire Metrobus and Brighton & Hove network, as part of National Apprenticeship Week.

Tom Bald is doing a two-year Business Administration Apprenticeship at a local council.

Tom has a degree but felt he needed practical office experience to back him up in his search for work. Since starting his apprenticeship, he has gained valuable skills in customer service, IT systems, data protection and administration.

“It’s really good to get a foundation for employment,” said Tom. “It’s a safe environment to learn with someone next to you. Being able to learn how to do a role just gives you confidence to carry out what you need to do and to make mistakes.

“It really helps when there’s some sort of discount so that when you’re learning to become a full-time employee and being paid less it’s reflected in transport.”

Luke Sullivan is an apprentice at a local council depot, dealing with environmental issues like flytipping, commercial waste and litter fines. 

“Employers are looking for experience more and more these days, rather than qualifications. With this, I’m getting qualifications and experience and earning money without having to pay off a student loan,” Luke said. 

“You get an idea of what it’s like to work in an office job day to day and people are really understanding if you make mistakes.” 

He said discounted travel was particularly good for young people, whose budgets were already stretched. 

Mary Kuchina is an apprentice with Lextons estate agents and catches the bus multiple times a day for work, as well as making regular visits to the gym.

“Sometimes I take four or five buses a day so the discount will help a lot,” Mary said.

Metrobus’ Commercial Director Nick Hill said:

“We’ve listened to our customers and we’ve introduced a new discount for apprentices. We’re pleased we can support apprentices as they learn on the job and study. 

“Apprentices are a key part of our own business – we have four engineering apprentices in our depots – and they deserve the same discount we give to students.”

To get the discount, apprentices should take their enrolment or confirmation letter, or student ID card into one of our travel shops at Crawley, Gatwick and Redhill and Brighton & Hove, where they’ll be issued with a student key card. 

More information here.  


Grant ensures two Crawley playgrounds can remain open



Crawley Borough Council has announced that two of its adventure playgrounds will remain open for supervised play this year following a one-off grant from the government.

The government has given every local authority a Lower Tier Services Grant so the council has decided to use this to keep Cherry Lane and Millpond adventure playgrounds open as supervised, open access play sites until the end of October half-term 2021 (subject to Covid-19 restrictions).

Millpond and Cherry Lane will operate with an online registration and booking system to create a Covid-secure environment and ensure that the adventure playgrounds are being used by Crawley children.

However, this grant is for one year only so after October, Cherry Lane Adventure Playground will move to unsupervised play.

After October half-term, Millpond Adventure Playground in Bewbush will close permanently. Creasys Drive Adventure Playground in Broadfield is already closed and will not reopen. The council will be bringing forward new unsupervised play facilities in Broadfield and Bewbush in due course.

Waterlea Adventure Playground will be refurbished and then reopen as an unsupervised play site in 2022.

The council will also bring in its new model of outreach play, which will look to move play activities into neighbourhoods and increase participation. This model will also:

  • Increase the range of play opportunities for children away from more traditional building-based activities
  • Reach groups that may not usually access services
  • Make use of buildings across the town and work in partnership with other existing groups and organisations.

Councillor Peter Lamb, Leader of the Council, said:

“While the long-term impact of Covid-19 on council funding means adventure playgrounds will have to move to unsupervised play by 2022, I’m glad that this one-off funding means we can continue to provide supervised play until next winter, as we roll out our new outreach model.”

Councillor Duncan Crow, Leader of the Opposition, said:

“I welcome this additional government funding that has enabled us to extend supervised play at two adventure playgrounds for this year, while we also work to refurbish Waterlea for unsupervised play for next year.”

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