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Broadfield, Crawley man sent to prison for money laundering and drug offences



A Crawley man has been convicted of drug offences and money laundering after cash was discovered in a giant yellow distinctive container.

Liam McGovern, 23, of Iveagh Close, Crawley, was sentenced at Lewes Crown Court on Friday (October 18) for four charges.

Police conducted an intelligence-led warrant at an address in Chaldon Road, Broadfield in Crawley, on 22 September, 2018. On entry of the premises McGovern was spotted in the back garden and upon seeing officers, escaped.

A search of the property was conducted and a quantity of herbal cannabis, cannabis resin, cannabis oil, cocaine and THC were discovered. Officers also found almost £8,500 in cash hidden throughout the property, with the largest amount being discovered from inside the yellow container.

Leah Lidbetter, 22 of Chaldon Road, was present at the property and she was arrested and charged with being concerned in the supply of a class B drug.

A lengthy investigation and work around phones seized in the property was launched and officers found incriminating messages between Lidbetter and McGovern regarding the policing precence in the local area and updates on the quantity of drugs they had in their possession.

A warrant for McGovern’s arrest was issued and he was detained by officers four days later. He was convicted of two counts of possession with intent to supply cannabis, possession of cocaine and the acquire, use or possession of criminal property.

Both McGovern and Lidbetter appeared at Lewes Crown Court on Friday (October 18). McGovern received an 18-month prison sentence and Lidbetter a 12-month custodial sentence suspended for two years.


BREAKING NEWS: Labour lose control of Crawley Council after councillor jumps ship



Control of Crawley Council is up in the air after a Northgate and West Green Councillor left the labour party and went independent yesterday.

Councillor Karen Sudan made the startling move meaning that Crawley no longer has a party with a majority and therefore Labours control over the town no longer exists.

With no planned elections till May ’21 the council is now left with 17 Labour Councillors, 17 Conservative Councillors and 1 Independent.

This move is most certainly going to have a huge impact on the voting situation at the council.

Councillor Sudan has now published her resignation letter explaining her decision here.

CN24 tried to contact Councillor Sudan for additional comment but was unable to at time of publication.

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