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Crawley residents have water supplies cut off

Two areas in Crawley being affected are RH10 and RH11



Southern Water made the difficult decision to cut off water supplies to some residents last night (5th March) in Crawley in order that supplies can be restored for the next day.

The residents affected were within two postcode boundaries, RH10 and RH11.

For information on how to get compensation from Southern Water click here

Southern Water said residents would “experience interruption to their supply this evening and overnight”.

The problem has come following the freezing weather conditions that has severely affected pipes and has put a tremendous strain on the water company.

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Southern Water has issued an apology to their customers but Crawley residents will be nervous that the loss of water for 24hrs by some customers across the region does not get repeated here.

The initial reports started to come through around 7pm  with Southern Water instigating the cut offs as the evening unfolded.

Water companies across the UK have already been sending out messages giving advice on conserving water including asking people to avoid using appliances during peak hours.

The ‘water crisis’ across the country even affected one hospital with reports claiming they asked for bottled water for patients.

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Southern Water, along with South East Water, Thames Water and Affinity Water all sent out messages asking their customers to conserve their water usage.

Advice has included, taking shorter showers and baths, making sure taps are turned off and only running washing machines and dishwashers when fully loaded.

Some residents in South London who were affected yesterday said they were also told the water cut off would be short term with their supplies restored the next morning, but when speaking to CN24 they said they still did not have any running water, making it over 24hrs since they lost their supply.

The latest update from Crawley Borough Council came as a post on social media at 10.56am:

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Why was Crawley and Ifield Avenue closed last night?

Just before 8pm last night (13th Dec) drivers reported being diverted as they approached the roundabout.



(Image: Google Street View)

At around 7:45 pm police closed Crawley Avenue and Ifield Avenue.

A man was seen threatening to jump from the road bridge.

Police and ambulances arrived on the scene and quickly secured the area by closing the roads and diverting traffic.  Many reported buses having to detour through Ifield.

The man was eventually detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act.

The road was reopened at 8pm.

The man has now been passed into the care of health professionals.

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