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Avoid the sun – warning as Crawley to be hit with highest UV levels



With temperatures predicted to reach at least 30° today in Crawley there is an additional warning for those looking to spend time outside.

The UV index is there to inform people of the levels of UV during the day so that action can be taken to prevent harm to your skin.

The index starts at 1 and goes to up to it highest level of 8 in the UK which is very high and most dangerous. But reaching level 8 is very rare.

Today at around 1pm the Met office us predicting the UV levels in Crawley to reach level 8 with temperatures continuing to increase into the afternoon.

After a sweltering day there is the strong possibility of thunderstorms from late afternoon going on into the evening.

The advice for today is to keep out of the sun where possible, stay hydrated and keep your pets cool and hydrated.


Crawley set for a heatwave next week



Crawley is set to join the rest of the south of England next week with temperatures exceeding 28°C by Wednesday (24th June).

Temperatures are expected to begin building from today and continue rising through till Wednesday where they will stay until the weekend.

With plenty of sunshine expected there is also the chance that more people may try to gather in the towns parks and not keep to the social distancing rules still in place.

Images received by CN24 show the result of the aftermath of some people gathering in Broadfield Playing Fields on Saturday, leaving behind a trail of litter.

Littering in Broadfield playing fields. Photo: Anthony Flannigan

As a result of the heatwave there is also a chance of thunderstorms from Thursday.

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