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Appeal after woman racially abused and her car damaged in Broadfield, Crawley



Crawley police have launched an appeal for witnesses to an incident that occurred on Saturday 18th Jan.

At around 10am on the Saturday two drivers in Webb Close, Broadfield were involved in an altercation.

According to reports that following a verbal altercation that a man in his early 40’s then caused criminal damage to the car of a female before racially abusing her.

Police say that the man was dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt and jumper.

They are asking for any witnesses to come forward.

If you can help please tell us what you saw through our online reporting form: Report online by clicking here including a reference 384 of 18/01/2020 or call 101


Disabled couples, pregnant women, families with young children all suffering in stifling heat with no running water. Where is this? Pound Hill, Crawley!



It is something you do not expect to read about in Sussex. But the truth is that this is a very real problem for dozens of families right now in Crawley.

Residents in the Pound Hill flats at Milton Mount have had to endure this ongoing problem for months and now with temperatures at an all time high the stress has become unbearable.

‘How is this not a crisis that is at the top of the councils agenda’

The Crawley Council owned building has suffered from water problems for so long that some of the residents have been left with no-where to turn.

Calls to the council have resulted in positive responses but that’s it, just words, little action.

After pressure from ourselves action was finally taken yesterday and Mears, one of the councils new contractors finally brought bottled water to some of the residents yesterday evening and now they have confirmed they will continue to do so till a solution is found.

How is this not a crisis that is at the top of the councils agenda to fix?

Over the past weeks and months residents have lost count of the number of times they have complained and begged for assistance. The response? ‘We have logged your issue, an engineer will be in touch’.

Weeks later nothing.

‘a lottery game of whether they would be able to have a glass of water in the morning’

There is obviously a serious problem that needs to be addressed, but more worryingly there is an immediate problem which seems to be being overlooked. People need water to survive – not just live.

This isn’t just a case of having problems to wash, this is a health crisis and one that has only now begun to be addressed as a result of a resident contacting the press.

Since then we heard from couples, some disabled who woke up each morning to play a lottery game of whether they would be able to have a glass of water in the morning.

Another family who had to resort to washing their young children using baby wipes alone and who were relying on family members from other areas of the town to fill up water bottles so they can have a drink.

After we got in touch with some councillors they jumped into action with Pound Hill North Cllr McCarthy in particular making sure something was being done, but even they found ‘the system‘ hard to work ‘out of hours‘.

‘Mistakes happen, problems occur, but when a crisis hits and it is ignored it becomes so much more’

The main issue affecting two whole floors of the huge apartment building seemed to be a pressure one. So who was responsible? The council or the water company.

Guess what, it doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t!

Because the real issue is why it has taken so long to be sorted and why an intervention was required to help so many people who had been crying out for help for so long; but all calls were falling on seemingly deaf ears.

Mistakes happen, problems occur, but when a crisis hits and it is ignored or pushed aside as just a ‘problem’ then that is when it becomes so much more.

The actions of Mears as the new contractor demonstrating that it will not just sit back and ‘log complaints’ but will actually take action (albeit after some intervention) are positive, and whether they realise it or not, this could be just the opportunity they need to show how good a contractor can be to residents, residents who have felt for a very long time that they were always being ‘fobbed off‘ all the time.

But now questions need answering at the council about how it has come to this and how they will ensure this never happens again. This is certainly not the end, this is the start of changing how things happen here.

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