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Anonymous attempt at saving Crawley Town Hall fails

A decision has been made to reject a request to list the current Town Hall allowing for its demolition.



An anonymous attempt to save the current Town Hall from demolition has failed.

A request to have the current building listed in an attempt to protect it and therefore scupper the building of the new premises was rejected.

Whilst there has been a lot of support over the plans drawn up for the new design there has also been some quite vocal opposition.

This latest development has illustrated that this feeling of dismay over the loss of current building is still being felt by local people.

Now the attempt to list the building has been rejected it has been granted a five-year certificate of immunity meaning that no additional requests over the next five years will be considered.

Of course, if there are no delays then after five years there will be no original building to save should such a request be made.

A council spokesperson said:

“The Department for Culture, Media and Sport agreed with the recommendation of Historic England and decided not to list the Town Hall building.

“It has issued the council with a five-year certificate of immunity, which protects the building from any further requests for listing during this time. The next stage is the determination of the planning application, which we hope to consider at the Planning Committee meeting in late May/June.”


Crawley school celebrates science win with Ardingly College and their solar car



Ifield Community College and Ardingly College have won the Times Educational Supplement Science, Technology and Engineering Team of the Year.  

Lead judge Jo Foster said that the project was “absolutely exemplary”. She added:

“From success in international racing events to effective outreach to other schools both at home and abroad, this project goes the extra mile.

Ardingly Ifield Solar has been running for nearly a decade educating hundreds of students in sustainable mobility technologies by designing, building, and racing solar powered cars.

It is a true collaboration between Ifield Community & Ardingly Colleges. In addition, the project works closely with 33 companies and three universities bringing the latest technologies right into the classroom.  

The team’s accolades include driving the solar powered car they made 3000km across Australia, outperforming  Cambridge and Stanford universities in the Bridgestone World Challenge; and racing in France and Belgium in Solar endurance races and being awarded a special ‘Spirit of Albi’ trophy whilst there.

The team were planning on raising awareness of sustainable transport nationally by travelling the length of the UK, but this has been postponed until August 2021 due to current Covid-19 restrictions. This has not stopped the team, who continue to meet twice a week virtually, and are planning their next project: a flat pack solar powered vehicle(a replacement Tuk Tuk).

Miss Sumpter, teacher at Ifield Community College says:

‘I am so happy the team has been recognised for their enthusiasm and dedication to STEM. It is a pleasure to be part of this project, and I am immensely proud of everyone involved. I hope the impact of this project will continue to influence STEM careers.’

For more information on their project, please visit their website:

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