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Ancient Oak tree almost collapses on passer-by in Tilgate, Crawley



An ancient oak tree that stood the test of time in Gainsbrough Playing Field has sadly begun its demise by collapsing this morning (5th Aug).

A walker was almost crushed after a huge branch came crashing down.

Tilgate Councillor Francis Guidera said:

Sadly one of the biggest oaks on Gainsborough playing field.

I thanked the two tree surgeons for their prompt attendance, they managed to get away from another job to come and make this safe.

They will cut the fallen section up so that it is all on the ground, ready for collection tomorrow when they fell the remaining part of this very, very large oak tree.

Thanks again to Caroline for reporting it to the residents group! And thanks to George, our council tree officer, for getting out to this immediately and getting the clear up underway.”

Residents and visitors to the playing field are being asked not to go near the tree as it is in a dangerous condition.

Parents are being asked to ensure their children do not go to play on the tree.


‘End the Rail Rip-Off’ says Crawley Council Leader

The call comes just as prices have been announced to increase for another year.



Cllr Peter Lamb who is also the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Crawley has called for an end to the ‘Rail Rip-Off’ after it was announced that rail fares are to increase for another year.

Cllr Lamb says that the price of a season ticket between Three Bridges and central London has risen by over £1,100 since the Conservatives returned to Government while at the same time average real wages have fallen.

His call comes as more commuters question the quality of the services they are enduring with more and more taking to social media to complain of the lack of facilities and delays.

Cllr Peter Lamb, said:

“Like many residents, I depend upon the rail network to get to work. I know the frustration of being asked to pay out more and more every year for a service that just keeps getting worse. It’s time we had MPs who were willing to end the Rail Rip-Off and give the public back control over the nation’s railways.“

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