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Ambulance service adds more vehicles to help respond to non-emergency calls

Additional vehicles targeted at lower priority calls will begin to respond to patients in the coming weeks following investment by South East Coast Ambulance Service, (SECAmb).



The Non-Emergency Transport (NET) vehicles, which will complement the Trust’s emergency fleet, will begin to be rolled out across SECAmb’s region this month.

A total of 30 Fiat ambulances are being refurbished and will be delivered, in a phased approach, to operational sites across the region at a rate of at least three a week.

All the vehicles are expected to be on the road by the end of February 2019 and are part of SECAmb’s plans to improve its response to patients not in a serious or life-threatening condition.

While the vehicles will be equipped with essential life-saving equipment including a defibrillator, and be able to attend as a first response to life-threatening calls, they will be primarily targeted to respond to patients who have been assessed by a Health Care Professional such as a Paramedic or GP and require non-emergency urgent transport to a healthcare facility with minimal clinical intervention.

The vehicles are in addition to more than 100 brand new vehicles which have been in the process of being rolled out across the Trust’s region at a rate of around four a week since the summer.

The vehicles will be crewed by Emergency Care Support Workers, alongside other non-registered clinicians such as Associate Ambulance Practitioners and Ambulance Technicians.

SECAmb Executive Director of Operations Joe Garcia said:

“This move is part of our work to ensure our fleet is appropriately set up to meet both demand and individual patient needs, following the introduction of new ambulance response standards last year.

“The vehicles will help us to better respond to patients in the community who, while not in a serious or life-threatening condition, nevertheless need an urgent ambulance response. The patients they will be targeted towards will have already been assessed by a registered health care professional such as one of our paramedics, a GP, hospital doctor or mental health clinician.

“We are confident that this, as part of a wider range of measures, including increasing the number of emergency vehicles and staff, will have a positive impact on our response time performance and benefit all of our patients.”

Health & Wellbeing

Free cancer course comes to Crawley

A leading cancer charity is hosting a free support course in Crawley for people with cancer and their close supporter.



Penny Brohn UK’s two-day Living Well course takes place at the Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre, West Green Drive, on 6 and 13 July, from 10am to 5.30pm.

The course addresses cancer’s physical and psychological impact and shows how healthy eating, exercise and relaxation can improve health and wellbeing, before, during and after medical treatment.

Penny Brohn UK Living Well regional partnership manager Supriya More said:

“Cancer can be overwhelming, but many small things can add up to make a big difference to the way people cope as they prepare for, undergo or recover from treatment.

“Our Living Well helps people take back some control of their lives.”

A recent course attendee added:

“I highly recommend this to everyone with cancer and those supporting them.

“If anything, it was more valuable to my husband (I’m the one with cancer) – it gave him the opportunity to talk to others in the same situation.”

With nearly 40 years’ experience, Penny Brohn UK recognises that people with cancer need more than medicine.

Its Bristol Whole Life Approach provides integrated whole person cancer support that works alongside medical treatment to achieve the best health and wellbeing.

The approach explores areas such as diet, exercise, relationships and managing stress, through free residential and day courses, one-to-one therapies, groups and national helpline.

Living Well courses are free and empower people with cancer and their supporters to rediscover their joy of living.

Places are limited and first come, first served. To attend the course you must book in advance by calling 0303 3000 118 or emailing For more information visit

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