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Airbus on final approach to Gatwick in narrow miss with drone



An Airbus A320 was forced off its final approach to landing at Gatwick Airport after the pilot spotted a drone directly ahead of them.

The report which has finally been released by the UK Airprox Board said that the pilot of the aircraft which was in its final stages to RW26 at Gatwick had to take ‘Avoiding Action’ of a 5-8 degree bank to the right to avoid a drone.

The pilot said that he saw a dark coloured drone which was ahead of them.

According to the report the drone was being flown above the maximum permitted height of 400ft and was within controlled airspace.

This meant that it was endangering other aircraft around it.

The incident happened on the 28th April and was classed as a category A which is the highest risk category given.


A ‘Huge drugs bust’ at Gatwick turns out to be ingredients for Vegan cake

A potential HUGE DRUGS BUST turns out to not be quite what they thought it was!



Photo: Twitter @BTPSussex

Following a report police officers were called to Gatwick Airport Station on Wed 28th Aug.

A suitcase had been found stuffed full with 25 bags containing an unlabeled powder.

A potential drugs haul was then sent away for testing. But the results were not quiet what was expected.

A spokesperson for British Transport Police said:

“Following a number of enquiries and tests, it was determined these bags of powder were cake ingredients for a vegan bakery.”

Police later confirmed that the owner of the bag and the ingredients were eventually reunited whereby they were offered a slice of cake in return for their work.

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