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After ice cream vans seen around Crawley, police and council offer advice



They caused quite a lot of confusion after they were spotted around the town with many people angry that they were putting peoples lives at risk.

Now Sussex Police and Crawley Borough Council have spoken out and explained the situation.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said:

“Government guidelines state food retailers can continue to operate so long as food and drink are purchased for consumption off the premises.”

While Crawley Council said:

“Ice cream vans are treated as takeaways and exempt from closure at this time.

We urge people to follow the Government’s advice and stay at home. If you have to leave your home, stay 2m away from other people and wash your hands as soon as you get home.”

So what does all this mean? On the one hand people are being told to stay at home and on the other they are to be treated as any other takeaway.

In-fact the rules are quite simple. Provided you use social distancing and keep washing your hands then there are no rules saying you cannot use an ice cream van in the same way that you use a takeaway at the moment. But this doesn’t change the fact that the real message is Stay At Home.

The real difference with ice cream vans over your local TakeAway comes with the consumer the vans are more likely to attract. Children, particularly ones who don’t really understand what is going on are more likely to want to go visit the vans which could cause problems to families and could create groups of people which is exactly what shouldn’t be happening right now.

Crawley isn’t the only town that has seen the vans around. Other councils around the country have also commented on seeing them visiting streets with many residents expressing concerns over the problems they feel they could have on health and safety.


Breaking the ‘sex ban’ can cost a Crawley resident up to £3200



It has been called the most farcical of rules but as the Government updated their coronavirus rules then so it has begun to sink in with media outlets across the UK that this is essentially a sex ban.

The amendments made to the rules say that no person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a private or public place indoors and consists of two or more persons!

According to the government this is to make sure people are not staying away from home at night. But the reality is very different.

If you have a ‘special friend’ or partner you do not live with and wish to have some ‘fun’ together then you are going to have to wait a little longer.

The fines start at £100 (£50 if paid within 14 days) but for repeat offenders it goes up as high as £3200.

Already #sexban has been trending on twitter.

But what is not clear is how the police, who are already over stretched, would even be able to control this?

One Bewbush resident commented on the news:

“So if I decide for some hanky panky with my girlfriend when she comes over am I going to be interrupted mid sesh with some plod stood over me writing a fine?”

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