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A roundabout way to advertise in Crawley

This one might be swings and roundabouts…



The roundabout on Gatwick Road and Fleming Way costs £70 a week and is currently sponsored by BEW Electrical.

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to get an advert featured on a roundabout? Perhaps not, but some businesses are spending thousands of pounds a year to get their name placed at these locations around Crawley!

Our fascination for Crawley’s roundabouts led us to conduct an investigation into the prices for sponsorship and how these prices are calculated (yes I know, didn’t we have anything better to do?).

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The council in Crawley offers a number of the town’s roundabouts up for sponsorship. This can cost from as little as £20 a week to way over £100 a week (excluding VAT).

At the top end, and by far the most expensive roundabout to sponsor, is Hazelwick Flyover. It’ll set you back £135 a week (excluding VAT) or £7,020 a year and, if you’re interested, it’s currently available for sponsorship!

The council works out the ‘cost per car’ to decide the sponsorship price for each roundabout.

The roundabouts available for sponsorship in Crawley.

Crawley Borough Council says:

“There are various points around Crawley where the Department for Transport counts traffic and an annual average daily flow of vehicles is calculated.”

Looking at Hazelwick Flyover as an example, the Department for Transport has three ‘Counting Points’ around the junction: one on Northgate Avenue (A2004) and two on Crawley Avenue (A2011), one on either side of the flyover.

The combined average daily flow, or ‘Annual Average Daily Flow’ (AADF) for these three points adds up to an average of 71,310 vehicles passing through the area EVERY DAY. That’s a lot of people passing the advert. But would they even notice it if they’re (hopefully) focused on driving? Perhaps that’s just the risk you take with some forms of advertising.

See Crawley Borough Council’s document, Traffic Counting Points in Crawley-

On the cheaper end of the scale, for a mere £20 a week (£1,040 a year), you can sponsor the roundabout at Maidenbower Drive/Harvest Road. Being in a residential area, the council doesn’t class it as a ‘high profile’ location, making it a much more affordable option.

Crawley Borough Council say:

“The money raised through sponsorship contributes towards the maintenance of the roundabouts and to make environmental improvements to the town.”

The most recent available information for current roundabout sponsorship (accurate on date of publication):

No. Location Current sponsor Status/Sponsored until Cost per week + VAT
1. Gatwick Airport IPA July 2018 £100
2. Lowfield Heath/Brighton Road Freeman Brothers June 2019 £70
3. London Road/Fleming Way EMW June 2019 £70
4. Gatwick Road/Fleming Way BEW Electrical January 2020 £70
5. Gatwick Road/Manor Royal Quantum Electrical July 2019 £70
6. Hazelwick Flyover Available £135
8. Crawley Avenue/Ifield Avenue Copthorne Motor Company August 2018 £60
9. London Road/Kilnmead Centre for Sight April 2019 £80
10. London Road/Ifield Avenue Available £80
11. Copthorne Road/Balcombe Road Available £50
12. College Road/The Boulevard Available £70
13. Horsham Road/Orchard Street (ASDA) Timberstore April 2019 £60
14. Haslett Avenue/ Central Sussex College Available £60
15. The Hawth Available £70
16. Balcombe Road/Maidenbower Drive Available £50
17. Maidenbower Drive/Harvest Road Available £20
19. Balcombe Road/Lucerne Drive Available £60
20. Horsham Road/Crawley Avenue (Cheals) Freeman Brothers June 2019 £100
21. Horsham Road/Bewbush Drive Available £30
22. Southgate Avenue/Crawley Avenue Smith & Western October 2018 £50
23. Horsham Road/Breezehurst Drive Accident Specialist September 2018 £30
24. Crawley South West Bypass/Tollgate Hill Timberstore August 2018 £30
25. Tesco/Three Bridges Ahmedia February 2019 £40
26. Gatwick Road/Radford Road Blue Lizard Signs April 2020 £60
27. Antlands Lane DJ Grab Services November 2018 £50
28. Horsham Road/Bewbush Manor Jo’s Creature Comforts August 2019 £30



The Employ Crawley jobs fair returns for its second year

The Employ Crawley jobs fair is back for another year, offering residents the chance to find out more about local vacancies and take part in workshops.



The event is open to all ages and takes place in Crawley Library from 10.30am until 4.30pm on 5 March.

Come along and meet with a wide range of local employers from various industries including retail, hospitality, driving, finance, and social care and airport services.

This is a great opportunity to speak directly with the employers about their vacancies, what they expect from candidates and their companies.

Find out how you can become part of the Gatwick family with an introduction to their free, four-week Gatwick One Destination Employability Course at 11.30am.

The Employ Crawley Team will also be on hand to offer help and advice to those looking for local jobs and advice on local training opportunities.

Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development, Councillor Peter Smith, said: “Our first jobs fair was incredibly successful so I am delighted we are hosting another one this year.

“This event is a great opportunity for those looking for a career change, new employment or training opportunities. Our friendly Employ Crawley Team will be on hand to offer help and advice.”

For more information about Employ Crawley, visit

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