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‘A complete waste of time’ – reaction to cycle lanes as Crawley Council claim to have been ignored over its decision



New temporary cycle lanes that have been setup across Three Bridges and into Manor Royal have been slammed as a ‘complete waste of time, money and resources’ by residents and commuters.

The wide cycle lanes have restricted the width of the roads, but were supposed to still be wide enough to allow the free flowing of traffic in both directions.

But both video and photos evidence show the exact opposite has been happening.

A video below shows a journey through one section where light traffic still causes the driver to almost have to come to a standstill before being able to continue.

On another occasion, a photo caught the moment a bus almost hit a passing car had it not let it through at the last moment.

One resident said:

“What is the point of this, to get me cycling? But it just ends abruptly so what’s the point?”

While another commented:

“So now we have potholes left to cope with and even more holes drilled in the road. So when they take it away the roads will be in an even worst state. Clever people these politicians aren’t they!”

Cn24 took a 30 minute survey to see how many cyclists were using the lanes and in that time during a morning rush hour only 5 cyclists were seen.

But West Sussex Council jumped to its defense saying that construction was still ongoing and the design should allow for a 6 metre wide carriageway.

In their statement a West Sussex County Council spokesperson said:

“Adjustments will be considered both during construction of the trial, Government-funded pop-up cycleways, and after they have been installed.

“Construction is ongoing and when the new centreline is laid it will be easier for vehicles to keep within their own lane. The current design allows for a 6m wide carriageway with 3m running lanes in each direction, which should be sufficient width.

CN24 pointed out the video and photos capturing the problems experienced by drivers to West Sussex who responded with:

“Highways officers will look at this particular section you have highlighted to see if adjustments are required.”

The whole situation has left many residents angry with even one councillor taking to write a damning article albeit targeting the wrong council for the blame.

Crawley Councillor Duncan Crow has claimed that it was the ‘overzealous’ Crawley Council who are to blame for the lanes but Crawley Council Leader

Peter Lamb has defiantly rejected this saying on a social media response to the claims:

“To be clear, the design for this was nothing to do with CBC. Indeed, we submitted concerns outlining the safety risks of the proposals at both the draft and final design stage, but were ignored.”

This is in stark contrast to an additional statement West Sussex sent after pushed as to who was consulted prior to the go ahead and what the reaction to the idea was.

West Sussex County Council responded with:

“The cycleway is still under construction, not yet open, so cannot be fairly assessed.

The seven pop-up cycleways for West Sussex – funded by the Government – will create safe space for active travel and encourage people to cycle rather than use the car. They are an emergency response to increase travel options as part of the Government-led recovery plan from COVID-19.

As an emergency response, the Government required the seven trial schemes to be planned and installed within three months. Given the timeframe, we consulted key partners including district and borough councils, emergency services and bus operators. Normally schemes of this nature would take years to develop and be subject to various stages of public consultation that might last two or more months and involve exhibitions, etc. This was not possible given the timescale limitations required.

The cycleway routes are the result of collaborative work with the district and borough councils. Once fully installed and open, we will be encouraging would-be cyclists to experience the cycleways for themselves. This will be the chance for people to show how much they want the cycleway to stay.

The schemes will be closely monitored to see how well used they are and any positive or negative impacts on congestion, safety and air quality. Adjustments will be considered and, if any of them do not work, they may be removed.

One last concern came from this very statement. It was the very final line which made the point clear. If any of the lanes do not work – it does not mean they will be removed. The head bashing between the Borough and County Council looks set to continue for some time yet as residents get more riled up and commuters sit in further delays.


Northgate, Crawley dance school shortlisted for ‘People’s Choice’ award



Some of the schools dancers receiving effort awards for online dancing during Lockdown.

A local dance school based in Northgate, Crawley has been shortlisted for the ‘People’s Choice’ Award 2020.

The Louise Ryrie School of Dance & Drama received the nomination from One Dance UK.

Speaking to Crawley News 24 about the nomination the principal Louise said:

“Our dance school based locally in Northgate Crawley has been shortlisted for the ‘People’s Choice’ Award 2020 by One Dance UK. Link attached below, where you can read our nomination. 

We’re so honoured to receive this nomination. We love and care for all our dancers as individuals, as well as training them to a high standard whether they want to pursue a career in the dance industry, or dance as a hobby.

Now the school needs all the towns support to vote for them ahead of the 27th September deadline.

You can place make your vote by clicking here.

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