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£900k given to Sussex to combat youth crime, but will Crawley see any of it? Truth is no-one knows!

With aplomb it was announced that Sussex had won £900k to help resources combat youth violence and crime but just as suddenly as it was announced then the debate of where the money was going started.



Sarah Pearce, Beverley Russell, Kirsty Butcher (Reed Business), Jenni Whitehurst (Reed Business)

Youth crime has been on the rise for years and none more so than in Sussex where like across the UK it has become ever more difficult to combat.

So it was with delight that £900K was awarded to Sussex to help.

The news prompted Crawley MP Henry Smith to make a statement in the House Of Commons and an immediate response.

But no sooner was this done than questions about where the money was being allocated suddenly started to appear.

So who is right and who is wrong? Is Crawley going to get any money to help the youth here?

The answer is actually ‘if it is needed’ and it may sound like a feeble answer but you have to understand how the money is being spent for it to make sense.

First of all over a third of the money is actually going directly to one of five towns in Sussex that have been identified to have the most severe youth crimes. With the surge in violence in the town incredibly none of these towns are Crawley, so that leaves £575K left in the pot.

The remaining money is to be used across the whole of Sussex when a youngster is identified as needing help, whether this be to help them avoid getting into crime or if they are already an offender.

If any of these young people are identified as being from Crawley then that’s when some of those funds will come to the town.

So neither party is right as neither party knows where the money will be spent because no-one knows who has been identified.

Simply put, no-one knows yet. Hope we cleared that up.


New post office services in Broadfield, Crawley means residents don’t have to go into town centre



The Post Office has been a widely debated topic in Crawley ever since it’s Boulevard closure and subsequent move into WHSmiths in The Mall.

But even once the move took place the debates continued as people argued about issues of access and parking to name just a couple.

With some local newsagents offering only limited post office services it has meant that Crawley residents were very limited in their choice of where they could go.

That is now changing as the full services available within WHSmith come to a Broadfield shop.

Broadfield Newsagent & Post Office will now be a complete alternative to all Crawley residents requiring the full services of the post office, services normally only found in the town centre location.

Whether it is paying bills, passport checking or vehicle tax, parcel drop off or cash withdrawal, foreign currency or document checking – everything you would expect to be able to do is coming to the local store.

What’s more, residents will not need to worry about paying for a car park or for having to contend with the town centre traffic. A large free car park in the relatively quiet Broadfield area means a quick trip really can be exactly that, ‘quick’.

The store is heavily involved in the community especially within Broadfield and works closely with the local police to raise safety levels in the area.

They have also won numerous awards including Top 100 independent retailer in the UK for 5 years in a row.

Broadfield Cllr Brian Quinn said:

“Very proud to have this first class facility in Broadfield with the bonus of having free parking which means easy access to the post-office for everybody.”

These extra services will be very welcomed by residents as the town works through the hardest crisis it and others across the country have had to face, and what better store to bring onboard these services, one that really does care about the people it serves.

To quote Mahatma Gandhi – part of a sign that is hung above the store tills at the newsagents itself:


The shops opening hours are:
Monday to Saturday – 7am to 7pm
Sunday and public holidays – 7.30 to 4pm

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