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26-year-old sustains knee and shoulder injuries after scaffolding fall onto Crawley shop roof



Police have confirmed that a 26-year-old man rescued by the fire service on Saturday 5th Oct was lucky to escape without life-threatening injuries.

The ambulance service called for assistance from the fire service after they were called to assist a man who had ‘reportedly’ fallen from scaffolding onto the roof of a shop on The Boulevard.

Three fire crews attended to assist including one from Crawley, an aerial ladder from Horsham and the Technical Rescue Unit.

A spokesperson for West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service said:

“Fire officers helped ambulance teams to stabilise the casualty, before they were taken down to ground level by the aerial platform.”

The young man was then taken by ambulance to East Surrey Hospital where it was confirmed he had sustained knee and shoulder injuries, not thought to be life threatening.


“only thing missing is a free unicorn for the under fives” Reaction to Homes England 10K homes proposal less than positive



The reaction from residents after the Homes England public consultation events has been less than positive after representatives at the events failed to be able to inform visitors adequately as to what ‘could’ happen if the plans to build over 10,000 new homes get approved.

With large maps displaying the area under consideration as several hundred people attended the numerous consultations over the past week, it was left to the PR company representing Homes England to try to gage public support for the plans.

But according to some this was less than forthcoming.

Reaction on social media has been highly critical of the ‘less than informative’ responses that the ‘consultants’ gave to questions that residents had with one taking to facebook to say:

“The only thing missing is a free unicorn for all the under fives. Watch out with this lot, they are a law unto themselves and assume the entire development is a foregone conclusion.”

One resident who asked to remain anonymous said:

“There were two MAIN points that most people wanted an answer to. The first was about flooding. How would they be able to contend with it. How would they prevent it. How would they be able to ensure it would not be a problem considering it was one of the major reasons the proposal had been declined twice in the past.

The answer? “We know we will be able to sort it if this all goes ahead”.

The second was about traffic and in particular about where the main arterial road would run.

The answer? “It would come in somewhere here (waving arm around the upper right hand corner of the suggested building site).

It was these types of answers which has riled visitors up and many left claiming they felt they knew less after the event than they did before it.

According to other visitors the general feel was that the consultants were promising the earth but unable to actually confirm what that was, which left to many to put pen to paper and to scramble together some of the promises given to them which included ‘six primary schools, a secondaryone GP surgeries and more.

A meeting of Talk Ifield takes place from 7.00pm to 8.30pm on Wednesday, 22nd January at Elim Church, The Mardens, Ifield, Crawley RH11 0HD to follow up on the consultations.

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