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‘2021 exam proposals are a disgrace!’ – Crawley student speaks out



Shannon Goding is a year 11 student at St Wilfrid’s school in Crawley. In her opinion piece below she writes about the support she is looking for to overturn the Secretary of State For Education, Gavin Williamson’s proposal for the exams to be held in 2021.

Gavin Williamson has declared that exams will be going on in 2021.
The government has given schools a £1 billion catch-up programme in order to give students the “best chance”.

This, in my opinion is outrageous! I do not understand how they think giving schools money will win back the time we lost.

In addition to this, exams have been postponed by three weeks to help with the disruption caused by the pandemic. Now i understand the additional three weeks will help but we missed six months of school (so far) so will this time actually make a difference?

Because of this additional three weeks of learning we are getting, exams have gone from a six week period to a four week period.

This means when students usually have one, maximum two exams everyday – some days having none – we do not. Instead we have a minimum of two exams everyday.

This is going to result in immense amounts of pressure in not only students, but teachers and family house holds.

During covid people’s mental health became a priority, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

If some schools shut and others remain open, will this be fair for everyone? The grades are given out to only a certain percentage of students in the UK. So if somewhere has had a high rise in covid cases and been forced to shut, and another place has little to none, and remains open, it is not fair as these students will be at such a great disadvantage.

Gavin williamson, this is a disgrace.
Shannon Goding


Elf Day at Crawley College helps raise money for Alzheimer’s society



Staff and students at Crawley College Group joined other colleges across their group including Chichester, Brinsbury, Haywards Heath and Worthing Colleges – as they dressed as elves earlier this month in support of Elf Day, a festive themed fundraising event for Alzheimer’s Society.

The days helped to raise nearly £1,500 for the group’s charity of the year.

Lisa Humphries, Director of Student Services and Pastoral Support for the Chichester College Group, said:

“Everyone out-elved themselves in support of Alzheimer’s Support.

“We were overwhelmed by the support everyone gave us, raising an incredible amount to kick-off our fundraising efforts for our chosen charity of the year.

“The elves really were out in force on all campuses, from making treats to sell to walking many memory miles and attending virtual workshops to find out more about dementia.

“The support our students and staff gave us was phenomenal, especially our student experience team who organised events at all of our colleges.”

The Chichester College Group will be fundraising for Alzheimer’s Society throughout the remainder of the academic year, with more events planned over the coming months/

To donate, please visit:

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