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‘1600 people would have operations cancelled in Crawley under Corbyn Government’ says Henry Smith

Conservative candidate Henry Smith says the independent analysis would lead to 1,623 people who live in Crawley from having their NHS operations cancelled every year,



The research has been released from a member of the NHS Confederation which says it has found that Labour’s plan to remove independent sector hospital capacity from the NHS would drive waiting times up by over 50 per cent, to an average wait of just under six months.

Henry said;

“This shocking new analysis has revealed the true cost of a Corbyn government. Jeremy Corbyn’s incompetence will mean that patients will get worse care.

“Labour’s plans would mean 1,623 NHS patients in Crawley would have their operations cancelled, leaving the most vulnerable the worst off and potentially costing lives.

“Just like with their confused Brexit policy, Labour are in complete chaos. They need to come clean about their plans to cut the NHS.”

Henry added that just to maintain current capacity, Labour would be forced to build an additional 42 hospitals to deliver the 436,000 NHS elective operations carried out by the independent sector across England every year.


Conservatives win Crawley by increased majority

With a lead of 8,360 the Conservatives have increased their lead of Labour in Crawley.



Henry Smith has won the Crawley seat by increasing his lead of Labour considerably.

The full results were:

Conservative: 27,040

Labour: 18,680

Lib Dems: 2,728

Green Party: 1,451

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